Blogrundschau wood technique 28/2015

Blogrundschau wood technique 28/2015: connection

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Hello handyman and blogger,

How was your weekend? I already described my story yesterday and spent the rest of Sunday very quietly. But I promise to be more active in the workshop. Currently I have so much to my ears that I somehow lack the time for it. In any case, is still my traffic light and small lighting system on the plan, which is also implemented. Maybe I'll start this week with the corresponding soldering work. Will a powerful Fummelarbeit.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Word Clock - the clock without hands and numbers

Dracarys launches his next tech gadget and gives the first insights. Although I understand only half of the text, I think the project itself is very interesting and should I decide to do so, it would be a great introduction. Of course, then you have to familiarize yourself with the topic. I'm definitely looking forward to more pictures.


holding blocks

The idea and the production are quite simple, but I like this connection variant. The background at Wood Workshop Blog is to create a connection that is solid but leaves the wood working. I see even more behind it. Put Rampamuffen in the counterpart, you have a very stable connection, which is even suitable for frequent assembly and disassembly. I like it very much.


A cable protects the back

Final at Wood and metal, The cable is ready installed and now lifts safely even heavy loads from the garage to the loft above. A relief that you can definitely treat yourself. Whether the jagged nail or alcohol at the crooked cut is guilty, I would not judge. At least the first load test in the video does not look like a box of beer.


roof renovation

Very practical and helpful (parents-in-law are a very important species), it was Operation home to. In detail, the reconstruction of a small canopy is described, which is now again reliable to protect the firewood. So nothing stands in the way of a fog-free fireplace.


Lamp for bench drill

the cellar workers There are three lights up. The first two were his bright eyes when he got a new table drill for his birthday. The next one is his work lamp, which he has assembled from a cheap desk lamp to his new machine. The power of the small magnets makes me curious. Do I really have to take a closer look.


Make tenon connection

Great! I like it when bloggers bother and write such instructions. Very good in words and pictures, shows Woodworm Tom how a massive tenon connection is made. I also find it interesting to use the tools shown here. Sometimes you do not even know what you can use your machines so everything. Thank you.


Racing car as a scroll saw work

I already showed the first beginnings and now the racing car model is up Emil's wood blog finished. It's fascinating how so many parts create a working construction. I have to try that too. A nice job, where I can involve my daughter.


So I say goodbye for today and wish you a great start to the new week. Since busy and let us participate in your projects. I also pledge improvement.
Incidentally, my cover picture shows an older project by me (matching the first post) today. I think that the clock has been worked out quite well.

Your Ricc

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