Blogrundschau wood technique 36/2014

Blogrundschau wood technique 36/2014: 2014

my blouse show

I already have my engineering work gone today. After the strong thunderstorm and lightning in the mast in front of our house yesterday, my entire computer system was lame. When troubleshooting, I then found that some ports of my network work distribution and a small switch at the workplace had adopted. The large distribution I have now plugged so that all the important connections are on the still intact ports and at the workplace I have a repeater installed and I'm so on a good wireless connection online. In short - everything works so far and I will at least write a review today.

Blouse show wood technique

Shoe rack under the stairs

First shoes, then shoes and then everything else. This is the list of priorities for most women. The man comes back into play only when the shoe cabinet is too small. Hobby improvement Martin has now built an enormous shoe rack under a cellar staircase and described the construction first class. Please look away women!

Stool - Part 1

There are stools and there are stools. Wherein the difference lies, shows us again that Holzwerkstatt Blog, Not only are three boards screwed together to create a stool. No, because even with such "small" projects, the whole carpentry art.

Lay natural stone pavement yourself

I confess, my weakness lies in exact and straight things. Natural growth and flourishes look great, but they are not my style. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you the instructions for laying natural stone paving, of course. The self-builder has put a lot of effort and the result is impressive.

Tool presentation: Measuring tools and marking aids

That will be interesting. Micha would like on his wood blog Present measuring tools and marking aids in several contributions. As a metalworker I have a lot to do with it, but I do not know all of them. Therefore, I am looking forward to the contributions and active observation is definitely appropriate.

Sideboard.... The indoor cabinets or the "box in the box"

How can you just dowel like that? I'm glad if two dowels per connection sit exactly and on the way on the way puts ten absolutely fitting in a row. I still have a lot to learn and especially to read. Because the work steps are once again perfectly described.

With some internet problems I fought today through our blogger reports. Either my router has gotten something or the entire network strikes in the area. So internet makes only half as much fun.

I would like to announce a small change today:
Since apparently many bloggers (like me) like to sit on Sundays at the calculator to write their contributions, I will postpone my two Blogrundschauen and set the "deadline" on a weekday (probably Monday). So I certainly miss less interesting posts.

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