Blogrundschau Wood Technique 38/2014

Blogrundschau Wood Technique 38/2014: lighting

my blouse show

Hello my dear readers of the Blouseschau,

a new week starts and I look back for you. A lot has happened and I was busy again. To make my wife better my food.... No, wrong choice of words, that gives trouble!... even easier to prepare, has her kitchen workstation now get a LED lighting.

Blouse show wood technique

Helmet Lamp-electronix

Lifting table with lift motor and digital display, a desk that automatically opens and closes... I thought only I am different from the others. There is also still there Botchjobtuning helmet lamps. You should have seen it.

LED kitchen lighting

As already mentioned, I did something again and gave my wife a better kitchen lighting. You can achieve quite a lot with LED Stripes and wooden strips. To see on my blog IandDIY.

1 day, 1 project - Ikea RAM Baroque Hack

I'm home improvement makes a trip to the crafting corner and transformed with Styrofoam stucco moldings a simple mirror frame in a Baroque artwork. Gold find in the home improvement corner.

and still a terrace!

Then we want to has built a terrace and describes his approach in great detail. In between, one reads a caption: "Supplied, not recommended screws"- Do not we all know that?

Grinding roll self-built

Sometimes it's easy, you just have to figure it out. After his plate grinder shows us the cellar workershow he builds a grinding roll himself. With simple means and tools that everyone has, there is a detailed construction manual.

Beet 2.0

And one more outlier... Actually, it is indeed in the garden review but since heavy stones were processed here, we take the new bed from home-Elich here today with pure. Finally, it beautifies the impression of the house.

That's it for today again. Still the hint: On the cover picture you see a part of my built LED lighting.
I wish you a nice rest Monday and a pleasant working week.

Greeting Ricc

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