Blogrundschau wood technique 40/2014

Blogrundschau wood technique 40/2014: wood

my blouse show

Hello my blog readers,

it's Monday, probably the least popular weekday. Therefore, I will now try to lighten it a little and distract you with great projects from everyday work.
I had fun outside on the long weekend, cleaned up the children's playhouse, cleaned out toys and finally built a drawer for measuring equipment and a PC keyboard on my workbench (cover picture).

Blouse show wood technique

Suspensions (Wedges - "French Cleats")

I have to confess that I'm a real fan of Holzwerkstatt Blog am. You learn so much and get everything explained. It's always fun to read the articles again and again.

Hollow out pumpkin with special tool

As the name "hose clamp" implies, they can hoses and distribute bells. Operation home But proves that you can also eradicate pumpkins. I have to try it.

Winterizing garden furniture is easy

If only I would like to... But if so, then the article by Handyman up to date definitely. There are many tips for the care of garden furniture made of wood over plastic to rattan, steel or aluminum.

Highchair Part 4

I was a bit impatient, but now it is done and Holzprojekte.blogspot presents his finished highchair. He has gotten it great and nothing beats manual labor.

Small stool or high footstool - Part 1

A stool has a top and four legs, right? But alone the plate or the legs can open Micah Wood Blog be worth a project. I am always excited.

Annual review or why I will never win a prize

Then we want to to dance out of line But we are used to that and that's why I like to read the posts so much.
Congratulations on the first blog birthday.

Gesangbuch Case

Much has already been created but for some it takes the bloggers and masters of their trade. Tobi's Holzjournal shows how you can make a real carpentry with a lot of love and commitment even from a box of books.

I hope I could distract you a little from the first day of work. Some projects have really inspired me and now it's time for a coffee after work.

Have a nice Monday evening.
Greeting Ricc

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