Blogrundschau wood technique 41/2014

Blogrundschau wood technique 41/2014: wood

my blouse show

Good morning dear blog readers,

currently on the radio Tom Astor "Hello, good morning Germany". Well, if that does not fit. My Monday morning starts with the Blogrundschau wood technique.

My weekend work in the workshop was limited to small handicrafts. So my computer monitor now slid on the wall, my 5.1 system is rewired and finally all the knives are again really sharp with us and the parents-in-law. As always, my mother-in-law needed a patch the same day. So I did a good job.

My cover picture bears the name today: Chaos in the middle of the work.

Blouse show wood technique

Reincarnation of the Gameboys in the Rasperry Pi

The Gameboy is simply cult and has ushered in a new era. Now he is reborn with new technology and is fed with a Rasberry Pi. Makezine shows how it works.

Stanley JetCut - a Japanese saw

A Japanese.... You can find out what that is Wood & Glue, Here saws are presented and at the price, that would be really worth considering. Especially since Stanley alone is a good name.

Brick cutting with the saber saw

I did not think so, but it works, like us Wood and metal impressively demonstrated. Now we rename it wood, metal and stone.

Small stool or high footstool - part 2

It is done and the small stool radiates in the oil finish. A clean job, that Micah Wood Blog once again documented clean. I think it's great to get so much insight into detail work.

Again space in the workshop

You can really say that when a 2m long dresser is finished and leaves the workshop. It was a great accompaniment to the construction and the result is an absolute unique. On the way on the way is now on the way to new wood paths.

Angle clamp in the test

Yes, some of our bloggers have been tested lately, but these are in our own workshop cellar workers emerged and I think they are great.

Wood joints VI

Our cosmonaut has already tested some possible connection types and I am thrilled with the series. This time I'm working with visible dowels (I like to do that) and I saw an idea that I have not come across before.

So fast a "good morning" becomes a "meal". But it was once again interesting to read through all the great blogs.
Greeting Ricc

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