Blogrundschau wood technique 43/2014

Blogrundschau wood technique 43/2014: technique

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

I was really busy at the weekend. My workshop is adjacent to the enclosure for our sheep and they like to gnaw on the styrofoam of the walls. To explain - the workshop cultivation used to be a covered area and I pulled "walls" in a simple way. Bolted from girder to girder roof battens, glued to polystyrene and this armored and plastered. At least from the inside. From the outside one has still seen the bare styrofoam. Seems to taste the sheep. In order to create a solid surface here, I filled the gaps between the slats with polystyrene and applied a whole layer. Following then still Armierungsmörtel with tissue. Once started, I had to finish the work, otherwise the sheep would have fed up my work right away. And since I have processed all leftovers, I have to cut a lot, adapt, glue and then arm. So up and down again and again. That goes pretty well on the bones. My wife is probably right - I'm an old man.

Blouse show wood technique

Build your own design lamp

Lamps are great and you can conjure up beautiful effects. Therefore, I like the current project of Per kilo so good. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to laser steel, but with some skill, you could also mill in wood.

Workshop furniture: simple construction

From the project itself shows The Woodtinkerer not much at first. Below, however, there is a 14 minute video and that should be viewed. I thought it was really interesting and should finally get me a "pocket hole part".

Door in, plaster off...

After a long discussion in the forum and a number of suggestions for implementation came, it was DIY Blog practically next. The old door is out, set a new fall.... A lot of work. To see everything as a project, you should read back a few posts. A door change could be so easy, if not there....

Saw bench - self-built with hand tools

Right away - I would be in a fix. Without my machines, I would never get such a job done cleanly. It is "only" a saw bench, but honestly, who would do it by hand? hats off Wood & Glue.

Warmer made of pear wood

Tealight holders can be found very often, but a warmer? I think that's great. wood projects has described it first class and conjures a great result. I always have respect for people who can handle a planer. It will not work for me.


Is a hand tool made of sheet metal, right? Anyway, that is completely irrelevant and content is involved then we want to go not at all about the tool. His sample dialogues reflect the true DIY experience and they stimulate wonderfully for the laughing muscles. Incidentally, you do not cut drywall profiles with an angle grinder!

Violent turning exercises

A real wood turner turns his tool booklets himself, that's for sure. It becomes interesting, however, if metal rings are needed and on the way on the way absolutely nothing has metal on the hat. As a trained metalworker, I can say - done perfectly.

Finalizing today is an extra greeting to Marc von I am a home improvement, Although under threats - he finds my Blogrundschau just great. ?

We'll read again soon.
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