Blogrundschau wood technique 44/2014

Blogrundschau wood technique 44/2014: 2014

my blouse show

Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

As mentioned yesterday in the Bloktop DIY DIY, I worked hard at the weekend and finally finished my outer wall of the workshop. Now a little more insulation is on it and the wall is finally plastered. As you can see on the cover picture, the black and white contrast works quite well. At least I like it. But what you see for sure is the old window. This will be tackled next and worked up a bit. Since it is already badly damaged, I'll probably only dress it up. Sanding and new color alone bring nothing more.

Blouse show wood technique

Is that art or can it go away?

On Sandro's craft blog is the question of questions and he could use your help or opinion. Especially with lamps there are known enormous differences of opinion. What one his art, the other is garbage. What do you all mean?

Epic-Fail on the bending front and who knows best?

Also Marc from I am a home improvement could use some help. A 3 mm aluminum sheet bends not so easy with domestic means. Maybe there is a home improvement in the Berlin area (Erkner), who can help out with a small folding bench.

Drawers - half-hidden swallowtails

Holzwerkstatt Blog did it again - I'm flat. For one thing, I did not know that there was that, and on the other hand, perfection fascinated me once again. I also like to work very closely, but such work goes beyond my abilities.

Plastering with plaster rails

DIY Work Blog continues to create his workshop base and arrived at the plastering. I like this work, because at one time everything looks very different. The old uneven bricks create a real space - that motivates.


After a long break, there is again new from the workshop, So that the little son gets some help while walking and gets to know Daddy's skills, he gets a self-built walker, in which also the safety aspects are considered.

Wooden moon with cap and bobble

I just had to look at the headline. Great - I can only say that. The construction is quite simple and thanks to the great guidance of Micah Wood Blog, suitable for anyone to replicate. Of course, I will include this post in our blueprint list.

So I finish my Bloktop show and hope to have found something for every taste. If you have suggestions for other home improvement blogs, you may like to post them here as a comment. I also like to broaden my horizons.

Your Ricc

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