Blogrundschau wood technique 46/2014

Blogrundschau wood technique 46/2014: blog

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Good morning Dear readers!

After writing a gray weekend for the first time yesterday, the sun is laughing at me today and I have to close the shutters a bit so that it does not dazzle. It is still cold. Can you wait for spring? For me it was cold for long enough.
My cover picture shows today a footstool built by me. However, I have not made it in such a short time as the Kellerwerker.

Blouse show wood technique

Bar Part III - a first success

After this Dracarys his presentation of the bar in our forum, I also had to watch his blog. I think such projects just awesome and plan again implementations for me. Be sure to watch the video.

The little spatula school

Well there then we want maBut I conjured a great guide. Not only "that's how you do it" but also "that comes out in case of mistakes". Theory and practice in super picture and text.

Footstools build in 30 minutes?

Does not quite work, like the cellar workers proves. But he also proves that such things do not have to be expensive. Also, I like to work with the DIY glulam and there can really do a lot.

Cabinet body started - become firewood out of it

Yes, that too must be. Not everything becomes a project and on colder evenings the fire basket needs some food. Alwaysworkingman Take it with humor and the post is nice to read.

Drawers - floor groove + glue

There are only drawers... Thought, not at Holzwerkstatt Blog, I would probably need years to create such boxes and connections. I would probably have to conjure it, too.

In the test lab: The Kiwi 3D by Sharebot

Unfortunately I deal too little with this interesting topic. This is probably mainly due to the price of 3D printers. A new model for "only" 696 € came now GarageLav e.V, on the test table and... rather read yourself.

New Raspberry Pi Model A + is smaller and cheaper

Slowly I can not escape the little things anymore. I just had a conversation about all the computers that run with me and how sparingly a Raspberry could do the same work. Fits to the message comes from now, In any case, I have to inform myself better. And, of course I will share my experiences with you.

In conclusion, today is a congratulation to Marc of I am a home improvement. 30000 page views in a month are already a decent house number.

I wish you a great start to the week.
Your Ricc

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