Blogrundschau wood technique 47/2014

Blogrundschau wood technique 47/2014: technique

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

Today I'll call you a little later. My dentist was unpleasant to me and to make it up to me, she has ordered me rest. I also followed it voluntarily. Only without Blounterschau it is not synonymous. At least I've gotten a little slimmer. Respectively, I have lost some weight in the face. ?
Actually I wanted to report as an introduction of my Sunday work, but I will make an extra contribution. As title, there is already the cover picture.

Blouse show wood technique

Exercise: Bonding mitres with tape

For some, maybe not an incentive, because he has done it many times, but I find it very interesting, how Alwaysworkingman Step by step describes the creation of his compulsory boxes with all ups and downs. Andi has reached the class goal.

1 day - 1 project: Scandinavian Advent wreath for purists

Yes, I am a purist. I do not like kitsch or unnecessary dust catchers. It may already be something deco on the holidays. And that's why I like such Advent wreaths. I am a home improvement, a big thumb from me.

Insulation rear facade 2

On the DIY Work Blog it continues with the facade insulation. Bit by bit the end is approaching and this winter it certainly pays off. Adhesive mortar or foam? It's not always practical, but read it yourself.

Christmas candle arch

....... I just miss the words. Forget everything I said about puristic Christmas decorations. Wood and metal - that's a candle arch. The attempt to describe this, I prefer to leave.

Tool presentation: Digital angle measuring device

I love this little cube and yet I still have none. Thank you Micah Wood BlogNow I'm sneaking down to the kitchen and just writing it on my kids' wish list.

The small spatula school, part 2

Because of small... The instructions and explanations of Then we want to are ready for a book. Absolutely great and finally someone who points to the small problem areas and thus saves a lot of work. You do not always have to learn from mistakes.

How to draw a beautiful poinsettia.

Since you seem to see no stars in the basement, the tinker makes cellar workers his own. Or. He explains in great detail how to draw him professionally. But the absolute hit is the circle. Please take a close look.

In my review, I noticed today that the do-it-yourselfers are apparently not as festive as the hobbyists. We do it yourself faster and make everything between the third and fourth Advent. ?

Your Ricc

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