Blogrundschau Wood Technique 48/2014

Blogrundschau Wood Technique 48/2014: 2014

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

on it goes to pre-Christmas home improvement. Or have you already done everything? I definitely plan to build something decorative. Maybe even a reindeer, as on the cover picture. Even if my wife thinks the first reindeer had a duck's head. Maybe I should work on it again.

Blouse show wood technique

How to turn your pool into a terrace

Maybe something unsuitable for the season, but still a good demonstration project you can find Per kilo, A large pool is great, a real massive cover but an absolute highlight.

Making laminated wood

As a subproject of a project, explained Holzwerkstatt Bloghow he makes glulam boards. Very vivid and always fascinating how exactly you can work with a planer. I am a little jealous of this ability.

Smooth cuts with the foxtail

Interesting - I can only say that. Everyone thinks for sure, he knows how to saw but still you should read such articles. The tip of Wood & glue, to draw the cut edge with the Cuttermesser is simple and if you think about it also absolutely logical. Only one must first come to it.

Birdhouse made of lightning cement

The title is a bit misleading, but that is included then we want to go, nothing new. In his very own way he reports on the one hand on search terms, such as "attic with construction foam demmen", but also reports on the application of Reibeputz. As always very interesting to read.

Christmas baking meets home improvement

In a home improvement like that cellar workers, it is of course perfectly clear that the walls are fixed with toothpicks in pre-drilled holes. Drilled! It's already great. I think we're all the same for do-it-yourselfers.

Easy DIY Console Table

Now it's english, but pictures are known to say more than words. And the pictures for the project are included Shanty2chic absolutely sufficient. In addition, there is also a PDF with a detailed project description.

Finally, I must / can determine that our handyman are for the most part still far away from the Christmas work. Where are the self-made decorative items? Nobody building Santa Clauses and Moose? If someone discovers something, they are welcome to contact you. Templates and ideas should not be lacking: Christmas woodworking

See you soon - your Ricc

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