Blogrundschau Holz Technik 6/2015

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 6/2015: technik

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Hello readers of the Blouseschau,

It is Monday and as usual, today there is my weekly Blogrundschau on wood and technology. I myself was busy this weekend and restored loudspeakers for my daughter and was able to connect them yesterday. I will present the documented reconstruction this week.

With the title picture I should now have presented all my built children's furniture.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

1000 and one night in the nursery

Children like caves, stalls, tree houses... Anyway, the main thing is something closed in which they can hide and have their own little world. Do it Yourself has implemented it in a very special way and equipped a children's room with a Bedouin tent. If that is not fairytale.

DIY wooden saw handle

Nobel goes the world.... Nobel is definitely in it Wood & glue to. Who would like to have a saw handle made of plastic? In a classic workshop, of course, the saws get classic wooden handles. The production is presented with a detailed description.

Garden furniture - repair broken strut

Almost everyone knows that, eventually a latte breaks and with tape and WD40 not everything works. At least not nice. Operation home has therefore put on the surgical gown, repaired such a bar with Metallstifft and epoxy resin and this process explains well.

Child seat group part 2

Fascinated, blown away.... What else should one say? These are kids furniture in perfection and wood projects has once again shown how individual and precise their own abilities can be used.

Elevated bank hooks

I myself use a normal kitchen worktop as a workbench, because it just fits better with my work. Nevertheless, I find planing benches interesting and just the clamping options I like. On the way on the way Add to that the well-known icing on the cake and improves the clamping possibility of his workbench.

kitchen Board

New in my round is Wood newspaper and he takes us to build a kitchen board. Interesting is the slightly different blog presentation. Instead of a lot of text, there are many pictures that vividly present the way of working.

Hang the tool away

Order is very important to me and Patrick woodworkers shows once again the perfect use of the French Cleat Storage System. I think it's awesome and will now implement it with me. Especially when I am at work, constantly small shelves are needed. Be it for measuring equipment, screws or the camera. But flexible mounts are just important. After work, they are taken off and everything can be sorted again. That's how I like it.

So I finish my review for today and hope that you have found some suggestions. I have definitely taken something and plan a new storage option.

Greeting Ricc

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