Blogrundschau Wood Technology 7/2015

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with some regard for Rose Monday and the carnival fans, there is my little Blogrundschau today a day later. But as promised, there is a little insight into my holiday work. We had a big and enormously heavy coffee table. After the living room got a new wallcovering and I already built a suitable computer desk, this coffee table simply did not work anymore. For once my wife came with exact wishes and also bought the necessary accessories. These accessories and the supply of wood in the hardware store quickly gave a size, with which my wife agreed. So I could start without further questions. The result can be seen here:

Blogrundschau Wood Technology 7/2015: 2015

the raw material

Blogrundschau Wood Technology 7/2015: technology

Everything was glued and dowelled

Blogrundschau Wood Technology 7/2015: blogrundschau

in wood look

Blogrundschau Wood Technology 7/2015: wood

black glazed with baskets

Blogrundschau wood and technology

If standard just does not want to fit

What makes the right home improvement? Right - find solutions. But if somehow nothing really fits, you have as a man already doing his work. Sometimes it helps but some luck, but what if not? DIY Work Blog had some standard problems with his side door, which probably almost everyone was already struggling with.


Self-made CNC milling machine

I also want to and such contributions do not make sure that this desire fades. Super implemented and with a really acceptable budget the self-builder his finished result. I'm jealous.


Roll board for table saw

Honestly, I thought the saw floats with with the skateboard too, but a close look explains this particular composition of Wood and metal, Logically, with wheels, the whole saw would be much higher than before, but to change the saw, special buildings are necessary.


Device: saw small parts on the chop saw

Yes, there is often a lack of clamping options for sawing small parts exactly. Even with my miter saw I am bothered by the large recess on the contact surface. Remedy creates an idea of Michas - wood blog, This clamping device is also suitable for small parts and gives a good grip. Class implemented.


Men's dreams

... can mean a lot. Of course it is Then we want to around the home improvement area. Even though we have been Fifty shades of gray know that this has nothing to say. But back to the topic - After a familiar funny introduction, the application of plaster and incorporation of reinforcing fabric is very well described. If you have not already done that, you can read it here.


TV lowboard is ready

"Only" a short introduction to the finished result, but I'm thrilled. Corner furniture is a particular challenge and it is not easy to design it in an appealing design. On the way on the way has done a fantastic job and if you want to know more about the building, just flick back a few posts.


How tough is a teacup?

"After having botched two more stone drills, I was able to show at least a deepening about 0.5 mm deep... HA! Who is the king now ?! " The Kellerwerker is the king ? Anyone who has further suggestions on how to drill a cup is welcome in this post.


French Cleat suspension system for hand tools

And there it is again - the system without a German name. Or does anyone know one? Woodworm Tom explains at least where the term comes from and shows exactly what I want to implement. Many smaller "hangers", which can be used and changed if necessary.


I would like to say goodbye for today and wish you a successful week. It sounds like that. ?

Greeting Ricc

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