Blogrundschau Holz Technik 8/2015

Good morning dear readers of the Blouseschau,

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 8/2015: 2015

Ricc - I blog for you

It is Monday and the new work week has begun. This is also time for my weekly round through the wood and home improvement blogs.

I myself was not in the workshop for the weekend - apart from the use of the warm room during the barbecue. But now I have also rearranged the second nursery and my little one can now also enjoy a TV on the wall. So the dad can build and is rewarded with bright children's eyes. Since I'm looking forward to summer, when it comes out again and we build together on the children's cars. At the moment, I am projecting two cordless screwdriver-powered cars with full cladding as projects, with which the children can sometimes ram. So bumper cars on the lawn. Let's see if it becomes something with the implementation.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Bar Part VII

It goes on and takes great shapes. Dracarys Arrives on the home straight with its illuminated and automatic bar and impress with a great video.

Sewing box - 4th part

in the Holzwerkstatt Blog it continues at the sewing box and especially the installation of the hinges is described. Even such trifles can be very interesting under expert guidance. Especially the depth adjustment of the router is simple and ingenious.

From the workshop to the leisure room

Anyone who owns a house has somehow always work. So there is in DIY Work Blog further tangible pictures of the cellar renovation. Here is paddled and not messed up. These are the works for real men and 600kg concrete already a house number.

The hexed ring

New in my review and with a slightly finer work, I want the Hoizbastla imagine. Jewelry making is a women's business? Not when they arise on the lathe. Men are allowed to show their exercises and abilities.

Table milling machine self-made

An absolutely popular topic is the table milling. Whether manually operated, with jack, threaded rods or motorized, a table mill belongs in every wood workshop. On Bastis wood page Although this is not rebuilt but its built presented. You can get suggestions everywhere.

Construction documentation Milling Table

Right now I find the idea of ​​a finished milling table, there comes the next one and you can join in the construction live Wood and glue to be there. Ingenious I find cross stop guide. I have to build that too.

With that I would like to say goodbye again and wish you a successful working week.
Greeting Ricc

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