Blouse show wood technique

Blouse show wood technique: blouse

my blouse show

Also for the woodworkers is my Blogrundschau in the 33rd Week. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I can not copy all the great stuff. There remains only to see, marvel and get suggestions. A remarkable number of bloggers are allowed to congratulate this week on completing their projects.

Blouse show wood technique

Simpler picture frame with a bad surprise

After a creative rest and change break, get in touch Wooden value instead Blog back. Included are pictures from Cambodia that need a suitable frame.


Shoe cabinet Part 3

Marc has done it and even makes the stress test. His shoe cabinet is ready and can withstand his exhausted fight weight. All three parts for construction and replica are available I am a home improvement.

Multi-part wall unit in self-construction

Also Wood & Glue has made it and the wall unit is. An impressive part! Congratulations on completion and hats off to performance. I would probably lack the courage to do such a project.


Regal "Organic" goes into the 5th round

... and takes shape. "Organic edges", decorative wax, copper in wood.... I'm excited about the ideas and implementations Micha's wood blog, This is the finest woodworking and supplies tons of suggestions.



At Volker all around linger and so he stays on his holzweg, Even though there are only pictures from his current project "Sideboard", the article is absolutely worth reading. Even a wood blogger not only has to deal well with wood, but also with words.


Balcony Deck final sprint

Yes, it sounds funny when there is a cellar workers build a balcony. No, it is not in the basement, but good visible outside and that's a good thing. Here you can see good and above all massive woodwork.


Until next week, when some bloggers will probably dare to start new projects. I now enjoy my vacation and hopefully find time again for new projects.

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