Rinse the impact wells for cleaning purposes

For cleaning purposes, rinsing a high pressure well is often the most successful method. It should be noted that especially when cleaning a hammer or well of the filter gravel in the well ring should be rinsed with necessarily.

If rinsing through the filter tubes does not produce the desired results or if the filters rapidly reduce the volume of water that has been pumped, then holes must be placed next to the course of the well. In this high pressure flushing heads can be introduced, which clean the filter gravel. Fixed encrustations can not be solved by rinsing.

For larger slurries of sand, mud or dissolved encrustations, the well should be freed from the particles that have penetrated by means of another rinse. In order to clean any existing pump, it is advisable to carry out a long uniform flushing with normal pressure and to switch the pump off and on again several times.

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