BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: clever

The name Batavia is known to many as a good and affordable tool and I was also allowed to take a closer look at the Batavia dip saw T-Raxx in our test workshop. With an impressive result. Not so well known is the name BluCave, which refers to a storage and transport system from Batavia for the workshop or mobile use. There have probably already seen a few, but the overall price often shies off, in order to delve deeper into the topic. However, if you look at the system more closely and compare the individual prices, the BluCave system is even quite cheap.

As you can see in many other pictures, my test workshop is very neat and well structured. Whether BluCave can optimize that yet? The test will show it. Tested is a basic equipment, which is composed of the comprehensive program of Batavia. Optional accessories, such as the Bluetooth box or tools are presented, but are not included in the evaluation.

The test products from the BluCave program at a glance

For the test, a workshop equipment was put together, as it can be used in a good workshop and is the basic program of BluCave. Of course, not every accessory needs to be used so that the price can vary significantly.

  • 1 x 4bay Starter Set - 100 €
  • 2 x system case - 80 €
  • 1 x 2bay Starter Set - 60 €
  • 1 x Power Module - 105 €
  • 1 x work lamp - 40 €
  • 1 x multiple socket - 14,50 €
  • 1 x Audio Zone - 100 €
  • 12 x single drawer - 120 €
  • 6 x double drawer - 69 €
  • 1 x closure cap - 149 €
  • 1 x system shelf - 124 €
  • 1 x accessories depositors - drilling - 20 €
  • 1 x accessories depositors - screws - 17 €

The total price amounts to about 1000 €, which is quite a lot at first. However, considering the size and the individual prices, it becomes clear that the BluCave storage system is not at all expensive, but even cheap. An example would be a system case, which beats at 40 €. How much does a simple (very stable) toolbox cost? Fast more than 40 €. It should not be forgotten that behind the many individual parts a system plugged, which can be combined with each other in many forms.

The advantage of such a storage system is also that not everything has to be bought at once. It can be expanded at any time in small steps. Nevertheless, the question remains: Is the BluCave storage system worth its money?

BluCave 2 delivery and packaging

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: clever

The delivery is a bit more extensive, so that a freight forwarding company was commissioned with it. For the buyer, however, this means no additional costs because the delivery from a purchase value of 150 € free of charge is. The process was smooth and the pallet was brought to me even before the workshop. I curiously removed the foil and stacked all the boxes on the workbench for a better overview. This looks like a lot of work. But I'm looking forward to it. But if you look at the scope of the delivery, I wonder where to put it all.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: system

An extensive test package is waiting for the construction

What externally acts very "sales-stimulating" falls inside the boxes rather sober. The individual units are not exactly small and it is of course an advantage if unnecessary packaging content is dispensed with. Styrofoam is only used where necessary, or visible parts are protected by a foil. The rest of the packaging content is simple but absolutely sufficient. With such a scope of delivery, the disposal of the packaging is already extensive enough, so that is less here.

In the end, I was able to put all the cardboard neatly shredded in a box that will be picked up with the next emptying of the paper bin. The cartons are definitely and stable In addition to the actual structure, the disposal can be to work.

Systematic construction and simple assembly instructions

real Men do not need assembly instructions. Often referred to jokingly, it actually applies to the Blu-Cave system.

1. Construction of the suitcase

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: clever

8 parts and a few screws make a very sturdy case

In order to make space quickly with the first cartons and, above all, to plan the mounting height of the rails, I started to assemble the cases. These consist of 5 suitcase parts and a three-part handle. The structure is done quickly and easily despite some screws. All parts can be put together and already form a unit without screws, which is very stable. With a reasonable torque setting, the 12 required screws are then quickly sunk. Already here shows that the suitcases are very massive. It does not have to be screwed by hand to prevent the screws from spinning. These grab well and can be neatly "muttered". To attach the handle, nuts are embedded in the housing. Since the side parts of the bracket additionally sit in round guides, a tearing of the screw connection does not need to be feared.

2. Mounting the wall rail

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: system

Clear assembly instructions that are hardly needed

Actually, the should Suitcase at eye and handle height become. However, since up to now only limited space is available, I have to comply with the given height. To determine this, put a side panel of the hood on the rail and so explored the maximum height. Fortunately, the hood rises above the mounting height only in the front area. So ideal for my niches, which are located on the left and right wall. Coincidentally, the width of the niche is only an inch wider than the wall rails. Perfectly, the choice of seats can hardly turn out.

Aligning the rail makes it quite easy, as it has next to the slots for attachment also has a central hole above. Here it can be "attached" and then aligned with a spirit level or cross line laser. Screws for fixing the rail are not included, which I personally think is very useful. I do not know how many things I've already bought, to which the little bags with screws and dowels have ended up in the garbage because they did not fit the existing walls or my personal preferences. Also in this case, the dowels would have been something for the collection box - I have a wooden wall.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: storage

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: batavia

3. Put on the closure cap

The closure hood already shows what excites me about such a storage system. There is no need to measure, stop or mark in order to install the hood at the exact distance. It is placed on the side of the system rail and thus immediately sits in its correct position. Then it can easily be screwed on and securely fastened.

The assembly or assembly of the hood can be done in this position. It does not have to be screwed onto the workbench or a table and put on as a complete part. Which is also possible. The stability derives the closure cap from a fairly massive sheet metal and it is therefore not exactly easy. The assembly on the wall thus brings its advantages. Again, this is very easy because all parts can be hooked in and not need to be held extra when screwing. When screwing again shows very stable plastic that easily picks up the screws even with a neat suit.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: batavia

Massive parts of the cap

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: clever

Parts are plugged together and then bolted

4. Attach the system shelf

The system shelf forms the lower end of the storage system of Batavia. This means that who wants to use the cap useful, must also attach the system shelf. Of course, the hood is also held without secure and positioned open, as closed properly, but it can not be closed.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: batavia

A retaining plate is attached to the wall rail...

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: clever

... and determines the position of the system rack.

In the attachment and alignment again the system idea shows, which I like very much. Nothing has to be measured or marked. A partially angled sheet metal is hung from below into the rail and serves as a spacer to the carrier of the system shelf. Again, the wearer has guides that make improper positioning impossible.

The retaining rail has a number of slots, the a secure attachment ensure that even with a brick wall no dowel has to land in a joint.

By connecting all attachments, BluCave not only achieves simple and correct attachment. The big advantage lies in the weight distribution. The entire load is distributed to all fasteners and thereby minimize the load on each screw.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: storage

With system for exact cultivation

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: clever

The system shelf is hung and secured with screws

Subsequently, the suitcases can already be hung and equipped. This is the cultivation finished. I needed about an afternoon for the entire assembly, assembling the suitcases, aligning the support rail and testing the correct position. The time can vary, of course, because some have more space to grow and not have to test so much or works with dowel holes, which are more complex. However, it remains a pure construction time, the without much fumbling or problems can be executed. It may already be called a "children's game".

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: storage

Coincidence or intention?

For me, however, the work was not quite complete, as an additional wall rail for two cases in the right area was attached. For the shorter rails, there is no closure cap, so that the suitcase or the wall rail can be mounted higher. That gives me more room on the workbench.

Rather, for fun, my father-in-law came up with the idea to put his beer in one of the subjects and what can I say - There are exactly two bottles in one compartment. In width and height as well as in depth. Since one could almost assume intention:) I leave the statement without further comment in the room.

Furthermore, I have omitted the handlebars on the right suitcases and also removed the locker door. The suitcase next to the power module will be mine for quick storage often needed things serve and therefore should remain open.

Suitcases with a click and for individual assembly

The most important part of the clever workshop equipment Of course, the suitcases form. As described above, they are extremely stable and easy to assemble. After mounting, they have a carrying handle with an aluminum handle and a slightly milky lid. This closes very safe and does not open when the suitcase is turned upside down.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: clever

Suitcases can be equipped individually

Inside the suitcase are many grooves for receiving inserts or different levels of subjects. Depositors, as well as the subjects snap into the suitcase and can be removed only with increased force (depositors) or loosening a lock (compartments) again. The compartments also have a locking function that keeps them locked and a heel in the bottom so that they can tilt completely open without falling out.

Removing the suitcase is quite easy, by pulling it down with some force from the locking function and then lifted from the top of the support rod. Removed it is good to carry, is safe and several suitcases can be lying down safely stacked by slight depressions and elevations.

Criticism or suggestions for improvement? No, not really. I would not know anything that I could change or contribute to an improvement. The suitcases are perfect.

With the closure cap for design and safety

The closure cap should in combination with the system shelf the suitcases behind them and of course their contents prevent theft. Interestingly, however, the very sturdy metal sheet is bolted from the outside. So you could solve the screws even in the closed state, bend the upper part of the sheet to the front, would come to the screws that connect the plate with the lower pipe reinforcement to solve this and thus aufbiegen the sheet even further. However, the suitcases could not be removed as yet. Maybe you could now open the suitcases easily and reach in with your hand to steal something.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: storage

The cap creates a clean finish

If we leave it at that, who wants, gets every workshop system on and also the workshop of Batavia is not a safe. The point security is absolutely sufficient fulfilled. More important to me is the visual aspect. The BluCave system is closed very discreet and does not look like "workshop". It could well be integrated into a storage or utility room.

The hood is closed with a small security lock, to which there are two keys. Practically, it is a double-bitted key, so you do not have to pay attention to the direction of insertion. The closure cap can be opened very easily thanks to gas pressure springs. These are well balanced, so there is no need for opening or closing for increased strength.

There is no criticism from my side on the cap. As an improvement proposal could possibly the entire structure be made somewhat flatter, since not every workshop offers a sufficient height.

The system shelf is needed for the closure cap

Of course, a counterpart is needed so that the cap can also close. This forms the system shelf, which sits below the suitcases. At the same time it will be additional Storage space in the form of four flat compartments used. Of course, the storage space is not particularly clearly expanded, but it would also be a pity not to use the space available anyway.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: storage

1. work light, 2. plug, 3. Chargers

The particular advantage of the system shelf is not in the recovery of additional storage space, but in the word "system". Due to the low ceiling height in my workshop, I unfortunately can not use the advantages - in a real test in a real workshop, not everything fits.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: system

Work lamp stationary and mobile usable

Nevertheless, I would like to go into the details, because they are very interesting. Below the system shelf are various mounts and receptacles that again support the term "system". In the middle there is a holder, which receives the work lamp from the power module and so on illuminates the workplace under the storage system. In my case, unfortunately, it would shine directly on the workbench and have little meaning. Pity!

It is also a pity it is that I can not use the brackets for additional power strips under the system shelf for lack of space. They are practical if you have several pantographs in operation on the workbench, which often occurs when charging batteries. Two additional holders are used to hold chargers of the BluCave battery system. However, since these tools are not part of the test scope, I can not go into this further.

All in all, I think the system shelf extremely practical and useful. If enough space is available above the workbench, you can use the system shelf with its advantages extremely effectively.

The power module provides tension

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: blucave

Work light and power strip can be integrated

One of the cases of the BluCave system is equipped with a power supply - the power module. This basic module consists of a 1 meter long supply line and two integrated "sockets". One is permanently installed and one equipped with a 6 m long and extendable cable. 6 meters! At the first try, I thought, it does not stop. If you wind a long cable, you know how much space it needs. So I was amazed how the whole cable, including the spring mechanism, fits in half the case.

Interesting two fuses in the power module, on the one hand monitor the utilization and on the other hand the temperature. Straight cable drums - if not completely unwound - tend to overheat. When not in use, the power supply is simply switched off at the main switch. A point that I greatly appreciate in the workshop, where my children once are, and also like to use it.

But the power module really only makes sense with the extension through a power strip and the work light. Both parts can be integrated into the case and secured in the system holders. With a possible utilization of 3000 watts, you can use some devices.

For the first time I have now also a suggestion for improvement: Why do I have to buy the power strip and the work light separately? The brackets in the power module are designed exactly for this and both devices should in principle belong to the power module. Another small idea would be a USB port for charging the smartphone or the Bluetooth speaker.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: system

All attention - up to 6 m with self-closing

The BluCave workshop equipment is easy to expand

To my test scope belonged a 4er wall rail (4bay) with system shelf and lock cover, as well as a 2er wall rail (2bay). Of course, these are not fixed installation variants. All rails - whether 2 or 4 - can be extended endlessly and form a continuous wall system. Thus, two 2-track rails give the same unit as a 4-track and also the system shelf or the closure cap can be used. So it's fine possible to expand the BluCave system bit by bitwithout having to forego a combination with system shelf and closure cap.

The Connecting the wall rails is pretty easy designed. For this purpose, a cap is removed from the holding tubes and replaced by a connector. In this the next wall module can be plugged in and is thus aligned on one side at the right height. Since the closure cap sits on the wall rail, the other rails with hood can be used.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: batavia

The 2er wall rail (2bay)

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: batavia

Connector for extending the wall rails

It does not work without mistakes!

After I set up the BluCave system and have so far shown no errors or problems, the question naturally arises: Is BluCave really that perfect? I admit, the headline sounds more exciting than it actually is. But yes, I have found mistakes!

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: blucave

Something went wrong
  1. Have with a suitcase three screws were missing.
  2. On power module is The mechanic made a mistake in the factory.

Really The mistakes are not dramatic And I do not see them as a deficiency that devalues ​​the system, because it is only about mistakes that can happen to any employee.

With five suitcases, each with 16 screws (80 screws in total) missing three times. That could be faulted and would certainly get replacement. I just use others from my inventory. The second small mistake was a mismatched mount on the power module. Here a coworker made a mistake, with which he screwed a part upside down. I loosen the screws, turn the part around and screw it on again. Finished.

Such mistakes happen and they do not affect the quality or functionality of the system. Considering the scope of delivery, they are also rather to be regarded as minor.

Audio Zone of the Bluetooth Speaker

Belongs to a good workshop equipment of course also music, which is especially important to me.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: system

The Bluetooth box fits exactly in the suitcase

For this Batavia offers with the BluCave storage system a Bluetooth speaker, which can be integrated exactly into the system. As an optional accessory, which has only a little to do with the storage, I would just like to introduce the box and not to include in the test. Probably for the final evaluation of advantage, because I am enthusiastic only partially.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: clever

Individually but also in the living room

As can be seen in the second picture, the Blutooth loudspeaker can be removed individually and without using the BluCave system. In this form, I think the box is absolutely great. The connection to other devices works fast and easy and the integrated battery does a great job. He is given with a working time of about eight hours. To test it, I fully charged it at the beginning of the entire test, connected it to my laptop, and listened in at room radio from about 1:00 pm. Also, when I was eating or lying on the couch for the evening movie, the radio station went on. At about 1:30 I wanted to go to bed and had to turn off the Bluetooth box manually. The battery has until then - after more than 12 hours - not adopted. The sound has absolutely convinced me. For the size has the little box a rich sound and even enough bass.

As a BluCave accessory I am not so satisfied with the implementation. For disadvantage I think it ever, that no power supply (Micro-USB) is enclosed. Well, that's something everyone has thanks to his smartphone, always within reach. Unfortunately, this can only be used if the box is removed from the case. Then a lid can be opened on the back, which releases the charging socket, the power switch and a speaker connection. Alone to turn on, I find that very complicated and would have liked a better implementation. Maybe an integration into the power module, which provides a USB port? At least that would be my suggestion and as a hobbyist I'm sure something in the way in attack.

Conclusion: BluCave, the innovative storage system - As good as its name!

After a really extensive testthat already or basically starts building up, I came to a clear conclusion. The Blu-Cam system from Batavia is just great. The total costs may frighten so many, but who knows the prices of good workshop facilities, quickly sees that the BluCave storage system does not stand out in the price of others. Quite the contrary: Thanks to the system concept, the system can be constantly expanded in small cost-effective steps. However, I promise everyone that it will be very hard to slow down on further purchases.

BluCave the clever storage system from Batavia in: clever

The structure of the system is as simple as it is ingenious. With the aligned wall rail, all extensions are combined, connected and can be attached without further oversizing.

The basic system of the suitcases is well thought out and practical. The variants of the division are individually adjustable by means of shelves and shelves of different heights and, thanks to the secure closures, are also transportable. Inserts with drills, saw blades or socket wrenches are available for space-saving assembly. Gladly may be further expanded here.

Due to the extension with the power module, the workshop equipment can be supplied stationary with sockets, but it can also be used as a mobile device. Thermal and overload protection provide the necessary security. In addition, the practical work lamp, which can be attached to the system tray or installed separately, can be integrated.

Overall, the BluCave system shines through a good workmanship, innovation and a very stable structure. Although suitcases, wall rail and system shelf are written out with a maximum load, according to personal impression, this forms the absolute lower limit.

The workshop system of BluCave will be actively used from now on and also get one or the other extension. This is not only a buy recommendation pronounced, but this is certainly even pursued.