Blueprint for a small doghouse

Blueprint for a small doghouse: doghouse

Big or small, too Dogs like their own special empire, Outdoors it can provide shade, protect against rain or keep warm.

Anyone who does not like bought dog kennels, wants to be creative or does not find a suitable size for his four-legged friend can get his Dog kennel also build individually and shape. Our blueprint gives finished measurements, but can also be adapted to dogs of different sizes.

If you want to be creative, the kennel can give it a personal touch. If natural, in different colors or with different decorations - A dog kennel made according to the instructions can have many faces and can fit every dog.

needed tools

  • Table saw or mini portable circular saw
  • Jigsaw or scroll saw
  • Hammer and nails
  • Screws and cordless screwdriver

Individually, other existing tools can be used as well. Many hardware stores offer one free sawing service for the larger plywood panels can be used. These become 100% rectangular on large saws and thus facilitate the construction

material list


Tongue and groove board 14 mm

1gable10120 mm200 mm
2gable9120 mm760 mm
3gable2120 mm350 mm
4gable2120 mm600 mm
5side walls12120 mm1000 mm
Plywood 12 mm
5roof edge4612 mm80mm
6top, roof2600 mm1028 mm
7Crown1120 mm80 mm
Plywood 18 mm
8gable2732 mm1044 mm
Wooden strip 45 mm x 45 mm
9ridge1964 mm

Cutting the gable walls

In the first step, the torn front wall and tailored, To do this, draw a vertical line over the plywood in the middle (item 8). On this line mark the height of the door opening with 760 mm. Two lines with a length of 560 mm and a distance of 186 mm to the outer edge follow parallel to the center line. Then, the upper ends of the two lines are connected to the mark on the center line, resulting in the cutout of the door.

For the roof shape they proceed similarly. At the side edges, mark the height of 677 mm and connect these points to the top of the center line.

It follows the section of the door opening, as well as the roof shape. Finally, the roof shape is transferred to the rear gable wall and cut out there as well.

Blueprint for a small doghouse: groove

Dimension of front gables

Dress the gable walls

To cover the front gable wall, fit the 10 tongue and groove boards (item 1) flush with the lower edge and the door opening. That the boards have a projection of 14 mm on the outside, is desired and later covers the tongue and groove boards of the side walls.

After the split tongue and groove boards follow two of the position 2. These wGround only pinned, marked from behind along the neckline and can then sawed out become. Finally, insert a board of position 4 and position 3. The top board is only attached and must be removed again. If the entire gable wall is covered, the protruding wood of the roof form can be sawn off flush.

Do the same with the back wall of the gable. Placed there are seven times position 2 and once each position 4 and 3. It is important that the top board, although sawn, but also not yet attached.

Blueprint for a small doghouse: gable

Dress the front gable wall

Blueprint for a small doghouse: doghouse

Mark cutout

Attach side panels

Blueprint for a small doghouse: doghouse

Dress the back gable wall

Blueprint for a small doghouse: blueprint

Attach side panels

Now the shell can be set up and the Side walls made of tongue and groove boards (Item 5) are attached. Place all parts on a level surface so that the kennel is later rectangular everywhere.

Is the shell with the side walls, will the ridge (Pos. 9) screwed on. She gives the Gable walls hold and allows fixing the roof panels, If the ridge strip is screwed on, the topmost tongue and groove board can also be attached and the edges can be ground.

Thus, the shell is completed and the roof panels (Pos. 6) can be applied. Should the Dog kennels are later outdoors, it is recommended to miter the upper abutting edges of the roof panels saw to make a tight connection.

Blueprint for a small doghouse: gable

Screw on first

Blueprint for a small doghouse: small

Put the roof on

Decoration and color

Blueprint for a small doghouse: blueprint

Sawing the decoration

If the doghouse is in front of us, decoration can begin. If she Roof trims (Pos. 5) sawed wavy or jagged become, depends on the personal taste. Likewise, the allowed Ornament in Shape of the crown (item 7) adapted and personalized become.

For outdoor use, it is recommended that the doghouse with a to treat weatherproof painting, Also one Covering with roofing felt would be very helpful.

Blueprint for a small doghouse: groove

Doghouse front view

Blueprint for a small doghouse: groove

Doghouse side view

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