Body fat scale comparison 2018

Purchase advice on body fat scale comparison or test 2018

  • With personal scales that can measure body fat, trends in weight change can be modeled relatively accurately. However, the exact body fat analysis is not possible.
  • For an approximately exact result, one should always choose the same point in time for the measurement where there is approximately a similar amount in the stomach to prevent fluctuations.
  • Body analysis scales can be divided into the following categories: Body scales, which measure the weight and the proportion of fat and body scales with or without hand sensors, which measure not only body fat but also the proportion of muscle mass and water.

Body fat scale comparison 2018: body

The interest in a healthy and slim body is unremittingly high. So it is not surprising that body fat scales and general scales, which measure the fat content or analyze as much data about the body are used more frequently.

The body analysis scales are suitable for measuring:

  • mass
  • body fat
  • heart rate
  • water content
  • muscle mass

In 2015, the devices will be used by 24% of 16 to 69 year olds in Germany. 51% would use or have already used such a scale and only 25% are not interested in it.

Since common weight scales such as BMI scales only give information about the weight and not whether you have lost weight or gained weight, they say relatively little about body fat, Because muscle mass outweighs fat, In our 2018 Body Fat Scale comparison, we'll give you some advice on what to look for when buying a cheap body fat scale and tell you what makes the best body fat scale.

1. What is a body fat scale for?

How does BIA work?

Generally with the bioelectric impedance analysis trying to measure the composition of the body. Two electrodes build up an electromagnetic field in the body, in which the voltage drop and the phase shift are measured with two further electrodes. The resistances depend on the volume and composition of tissue in the body.

A body composition balance has the function of a diagnostic scale. The scale uses electrodes to measure how many percent of the body consists of water, fat and muscle. Although this can not be an exact measurement, since the scales are not scientifically accurate measuring devices, but it can be a Diagnosis over a longer period be given, whether the muscle or fat content changed significantly. If this is the case, exercising or following a diet will either be successful or not.

In Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), a weak alternating current generated by at least two electrodes on the surface of the body composition balance is passed through the body from one to the other electrode. The contact with the body must be direct and must not be interrupted by textiles or other material. The microcomputer in the balance then calculates the values ​​of the body.

2. How do the different body fat scales work?

Body fat scale comparison 2018: scales

Medical examinations, so-called body tests do not replace the balance.

All body analysis scales work through Measurement of the resistance experienced by the current conducted through the body (Four-wire measurement).

That the resistance of the current is different, is that the body of the body better or worse conducts depending on the volume. The result must be set in relation to this, since women have more body fat than men and in the age of both more fat built and more muscles are broken down.

Adipose tissue conducts very badly and muscle tissue as well as water very well. Therefore, it can be calculated that the lower the resistance, the less fat possesses a body.

2.1. Different types of body fat scales

The body fat scale category includes body analysis scales, body analysis scales with multiple sensors and simple body fat scales. These differ mainly in their functionality. Simple body fat scales can only measure the fat via bioelectrical impedance analysis and do not calculate any other values ​​like muscle or body water.

However, this can be digital personal scales with body fat measurement and with several sensors, it is even possible to calculate the basal metabolic rate that the body consumes daily without physical exertion. The Measuring with multiple sensors is therefore more precisebecause the current flows not only through the legs, but through the entire body and the (for their fat) well-known abdominal region.

Body fat scale typeadvantagesdisadvantage
simple body fat scale

Body fat scale comparison 2018: body

Example: Soehnle Pharo 200

  • Weight is measured accurately
  • Cheap
  • uncomplicated and fast handling
  • Body fat is measured a bit inaccurate
  • no calculation of muscle mass and water content
  • can not display trends
  • without memory function
Body composition monitor

Body fat scale comparison 2018: scale

Example: Tanita BC-587
  • Weight is measured accurately
  • Calculation of muscle mass and water content
  • Storage function for multiple users
  • can show trends thanks to apps and software
  • Body fat is measured a bit inaccurate
  • a bit expensive
  • complicated and tedious facility
  • Values ​​vary depending on the time of day
Body analysis scales with hand sensors

Body fat scale comparison 2018: scales

Example: Omron BF 511
  • Weight is measured accurately
  • Calculation of muscle mass and water content
  • Calculation of further values
  • relatively accurate calculation
  • Storage function for multiple users
  • can show trends thanks to apps and software
  • relative expensive
  • complicated and tedious facility
  • Values ​​vary depending on the time of day

2.2. Great measurement inaccuracy

The measured Values ​​can be influenced, such as age, gender and height. Many body analysis scales can only measure up to the hip, because the current does not flow far enough. However, there are external factors that can influence the measurement result:

  • If the skin surface is moist, the current flow is changed.
  • The measurement depends on what we have taken and when and what is in our stomach at the time of measurement.
  • Diseases that affect our digestion or blood can falsify the measurement.
  • Women may experience water retention during the monthly cycle, which may change the outcome.
  • A repeated measurement does not specify the results, but can change them.
  • Depending on the manufacturer and brand, the values ​​may vary. Generally valid statements are not possible with fluctuations of up to 20%.

3. Purchase criteria for the body fat test winner: You have to pay attention

3.1. Body analysis scales or body fat scales?

Body fat scale comparison 2018: comparison

Modern body fat scales like von Beurer work with an app.

You have to think about what you want to measure exactly with the scale. A cheap body fat scale is enough if you just want to calculate your body fat, If you value the most accurate calculations possible, you should resort to more expensive variants with hand sensors.

There are also scales that work with apps. The devices are controlled via the smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, to save certain values ​​or communicate to others. However, it is important to ensure that the respective Smartphone or tablet compatible with the scale is. For example, some manufacturers only offer apps for Apple products.

3.2. What should be measured?

Running for weight loss

If you want to permanently lose body fat, it does not help to target the pads targeted and to train only about the stomach. Rather, you have to go for a gensure increased calorie consumption and best with Endurance sports and healthy nutrition to get in shape. We recommend our treadmill comparison for this purpose.

The measuring accuracy is not particularly high for any of the scales, but for more expensive body analysis scales with sensors, it is much higher than for the cheaper variants without.

The most expensive products are able to measure virtually all relevant values. These include u.a. the fat percentage, the percentage of muscle mass, the basal metabolic rate per day, the heart rate, the BMI and the water content. Here, too, the scales with sensors perform better, as these usually have those functions that cheaper measuring scales can not.

For older people, it can be important that the display is particularly large and legible or even removable, which makes viewing much easier.

3.3. memory

Body fat scale comparison 2018: comparison

Cumbersome than with the scale: manual body fat tests.

Not all scales offer a memory function. The more expensive digital personal scales with body fat measurement usually all offer a storage space. However, these differ in the Capacity and the number of storage locations (two to ten user profiles are possible). Depending on how many people want to use the scale, you should pay attention.

Likewise, you have to think about what you want to save: if you only want to save individual details such as body fat and muscle mass, cheap body fat scales are sufficient for you. For meters with app function, the storage profiles can be easily created on your smartphone or tablet.

4. Important manufacturers of body fat scales

  • ADE
  • Eagle
  • AEG
  • Beurer
  • Bomann
  • Bosch
  • Boso
  • Camry
  • clatronic
  • EDCO
  • EKS scales
  • Fitbit
  • Grundig
  • corona
  • laica
  • medisana
  • Newgen Medicals
  • runtastic
  • Salter
  • soehnle
  • Tanita
  • Tristar
  • Withings

Body fat scale comparison 2018: body

5. Questions and answers about body fat scales

5.1. Is there a body fat balance test of Stiftung Warentest?

The largest German test institute has not yet performed a body fat scale test, which is why we can not present you with a body fat test winner. However, some personal scales, including can calculate the body fat percentage, tested in the issue 01/2014 in a personal scale test.

5.2. How accurate are body fat scales and what to consider?

So that the body analysis scales - as all personal scales - measure as accurately as possible, you should always carry the measurement at the same time of day and in the same physical condition (ie if you have about the same amount in the stomach). You should also choose a level surface and have dry feet without cream film.

Alternatively, you can have a sports physician perform an accurate bioimpedance analysis with a medical instrument and compare the values ​​with your own measurement results.

5.3. Is a body fat scale useful?

If you want to lose fat or build muscle, the body fat scale can tell you how effective your plan is.

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