Bones easily laid

The bones are named after their unique shape. On the long sides of the paving stone, the outer width tapers to a recess which, like a jigsaw puzzle, picks up the broad end of the displaced bone stones. Seen from above, the stone form reminds of a bone. Due to the accuracy of fit and the two-sided completion of the outer shape in the laying dressing, the bone stones are assigned to the group of double composite stones. Paving stone manufacturers offer bone stones from conventional concrete mixes or as eco-stone with special water infiltration properties.

Uniformity allows for mechanical installation

Due to their identical position to each other, the bone stones manufactured in precise dimensions can also be laid with specially developed machines. This makes them additionally attractive in terms of price, as the comparatively low material costs also lead to manageable working hours and costs. The manageable handicraft claim also allows you to lay the bone stone pavement without a specialist company yourself. The uniformity of the three necessary stone forms requires no special craft knowledge. In addition to the whole stones, there are semi-stones for the edge of the head ends and the initial stones, which resemble a divided in length bones. Since semi-and initial stones are usually offered by the manufacturers at the same price as the whole stones, you can additionally save money by using a stone saw.

Standard in three strengths and four colors

Bones are made in three thicknesses six, eight and ten centimeters. The usual color selection consists of red, brown, anthracite and gray. The thickness of your paved surface should be uniform. If you want to pave very large areas with bone stones, it may be useful to pave lanes and parking area for a vehicle with a greater strength than the remaining areas. However, the saving effect can be avoided by the effort in the corresponding preparation of the paving bed. The price difference between the smallest thickness of six centimeters and the thickest bone stones with ten centimeters is calculated on the square meter between two and three euros. In general, bone stones move in the price range of eight to twelve euros per square meter, eco-stone variants are slightly higher. For one square meter you need about 35 whole-bone stones.

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