Book launch: "Das große Buch"

The book

Book launch:

Publishing company: Ulmer, 2012, 351 pages, 289 color illustrations, 389 drawings and 66 tables, dimensions: 27.1cm x 20.2 cm, weight: 1645g, ISBN: 9783800175949

The author

Holger H. Swiss has been an ambitious handyman since the 50s. In the 1960s he wrote articles for German, English and American model magazines.

For the Robert Bosch GMBH He worked in various business areas in Germany and abroad, including 20 years in the Power Tools Division. During this time he has written numerous technical publications on automotive technology and hand-held machine tools.

The first of the three chapters deals with the Basics: What necessarily belongs in a well-sorted toolbox? Which basic techniques and calculation methods does the do-it-yourselfer have to master? How do I work with power tools and how do I protect myself from injuries?

Chapter two delivers the necessary material science, Wood, plastics, metals and stone materials are dealt with in detail, technical terms and physical properties are explained.

in the Bulk, which makes up about two-thirds of the book, is dedicated to Swiss the actual topic - the home improvement practice, Every imaginable crafting is dealt with piece by piece, tools explained, practical problems analyzed and suggested solutions. Every practice example is with pictures and often with Tables and technical drawings Provided.

Despite its size, the book is clearly arranged and is therefore ideal as a reference book. Measured by the effort that was spent on the great home improvement book, the price of 29.90 euros more than justified, A clear buy recommendation for all do-it-yourselfers and those who want to become one.

Holger Schweizerer's large home improvement book convinces and stands out from the large number of books available on this topic. The author's credentials could not have been better either: Schweizer has a good half-century of do-it-yourselfering experience, has written articles for model-making magazines in Germany and abroad, and worked for a major toolmaker for several decades.

Just that company also provided extensive visual material for Swiss project. The cut to the product range of a manufacturer does the quality and information abundance of the book but no demolition. Nearly 300 professional color photos, 389 drawings and 66 tables provide practical information for ambitious beginners as well as for experienced tinkerers.

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