Book tip: Adventure Electric & Solar Boats

14 brilliant projects for cool kids, including electronic components

This time, we will be devoting construction manuals aimed at children and adolescents. The Franzis Verlag published an electronic building book, with the young do-it-yourselfers made of recyclable materials to build buoyant solar and electric boats. Reason enough to take a closer look at this learning package.

What does the electronic building book contain?

Book tip: Adventure Electric & Solar Boats: adventure

The learning package includes building instructions, print templates and electronic components

Full of suspense, we opened the package and were pleasantly surprised: In addition to the book with 14 varied building instructions, it contains the following solar and electronic components:

  • 1 x solar engine
  • Crocodile clips with cable
  • 1 x solar module
  • 1 x luster terminal
  • 2 x rainbow LEDs
  • 1 x switch
  • 2 x reducing connectors
  • 1 x additional axle
  • 1 x battery holder
  • 1 x propeller
  • 1 x propeller

Small introduction to electronics

All 14 boats are operated with a harmless 3 Volt battery voltage and are therefore suitable for children from 8 years. Only with tricky handles, the help of a parent is required. The book begins with an understandable introduction to the function of electronic components and detailed tips on how to do it Cable isolated and the included Switch connects, The tips are easy to understand and are illustrated by small graphics, so that older children and parents without home improvement experience can easily carry out the small work.

Step by step to self-built electric and solar boats

Book tip: Adventure Electric & Solar Boats: book

Detailed construction manual for the Discoboot with colored lighting

Book tip: Adventure Electric & Solar Boats: book

Styrofoam propeller boat, PET bottles and cable ties

After this brief introduction, it goes directly to the construction of the various ships. The required material is listed at the beginning of each construction manual in a small information box. One or more pictures show how the respective electric or solar boat will look in the end. The construction instructions are explained in detail in detail. Certain details, eg. As the attachment of the engine and the propeller at the rear, are shown for better understanding of small color sketches. After one beach boatone barge and one paddle steamer follow with solar energy construction manuals for power boats. From Styrofoam, rubber bands and tape you can make two sleek speedboats Tinker. After that, we learn how to use empty PET bottles, cable ties and Styrofoam in a short time airboat builds.
Who prefers one police boat, one Trawler or a sailboat would like to construct itself, comes here also at its expense. The former arises, for example, from an empty fish box and is solar powered. Should it rather be a battery-powered boat with colorful lights, that is Disco and experimental boat exactly the right projects. The conclusion is our personal favorite, a solar catamaran, a Chinese Solar Junk and a crazy one Amphibious vehicle.

Book tip: Adventure Electric & Solar Boats: adventure

Sailboat made of PET bottle and scrap wood

We particularly like the corresponding craft and copy templates at the end of the book, which can be used as a template 1: 1.

Finally, the young hobbyists are shown how to equip their self-built ships with a rudder and give electric boats even more speed.

Although building is already a lot of fun, but it really starts when the different ships compete against each other in a race. For this purpose, the book offers an idea for a great regatta, divided into different competition classes. Who will do the race? The solar catamaran, the fishing boat or even the solar speedboat? Find out, design your own ships and carry on exciting races in the garden pond or the bathtub! ?


The electronic construction book is an enrichment for children who like to tinker and have fun working with different - especially unusual - materials. Every construction step is shown in detail and is conveyed in an understandable way by the picture material. At the same time they expand their technical understanding and develop fun in electronic crafts. We think this learning package combines play, fun and learning in a very successful way, so we could not stop ourselves from trying out three of the solar boat builder's manuals.

The result of this craft project can be found under electric boat and solar boat build yourself.

All pictures: Franzis Verlag GmbH
Author: Heike on Google +

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