Make bottle labels yourself - our great guide

Bottles can just be glass containers or real little artworks. Many a bottle is so elegantly shaped that it is used as a decorative object after emptying, but even a less handsome product can be lovingly spiced up: with the help of self-made bottle labels! The impersonal wine bottle thus becomes a lovingly decorated present - and the favorite whiskey a souvenir with a great memory value. We show exactly how it works!

Self-designed labels: What do you need something for?

Maybe it does not even shine at this point, for which self-designed labels are good at all. After all, almost every drinkable or edible product already has its own label with all the information it needs.

But our self-made bottle labels are not so much about information as they are about individual adornment and a personal message. Most of these so decorated goods either serve as a gift or they go as a complete own creation in the sale.

A home-made honey or elderberry liqueur, for example, needs its own labeling to be truly "perfect". Of course, purchased finished products can also be relabeled to convey a completely new message.

Do not just bottle labels yourself!

A beautifully designed object is a real feast for the eyes, it can even include a friendship or love letter. Not only bottles of all kinds receive an exciting, new meaning, other goods also benefit from the individual "relabeling":

  • How about redesigning delicatessen glasses with your own labels?
  • Even a fragrant perfume can tolerate a new labeling.
  • Create your own shampoo, shower gel or your own soap brand. - Label your homemade jam in a professional way.
  • You can also provide different wellness products with new labels.
  • Or you can create a beautiful adhesive certificate for your self-painted pictures!
  • A beautifully designed gift basket deserves a large, pretty label.
  • Even the flowerpot of a beautiful flower can be personalized in this way.

Well, was there something for you? Self-designed labels can be extremely versatile in order to easily personalize various objects. The product can be self-made or bought - no matter!

First brainstorming as creative preliminary work

Would you like to tackle the project "Bottle Label Design Your Own" in concrete terms? Then it's time for a brainstorming session to set the coordinates. Find an answer to the following questions:

  • Which bottles would you like to label?
  • How big should / can the labels be?
  • Did you need more than one label per bottle?
  • Are the bottles or gift or intended for sale?
  • What information / messages should be put on the bottle?
  • Would you like to make the labels completely yourself - or hire a printer?
  • Should a personal photo be included?
  • How many labels should it be?
  • Will you use other ornaments (wrapping paper, curling ribbon...)?
  • Should there be a self-designed packaging, e.g. made of cardboard or foil?

After all these questions have been resolved, you move from the planning to the active part. Make a first draft in sketch form for your self-made labels!

The ABC of label design

A self-designed bottle label should neither look overcrowded and confusing nor appear too empty or boring. First of all, have a look at the professional labels in a delicatessen or health food store and find out the ones you like the most!

Design your favorite labels according to your design and approximate the shape and style of the design. In any case, you are already on the right track! Please note the following rules:

  • The most important thing should be immediately obvious! The central message thus belongs in the middle of a large format. Often this is the exact product name, but gifts can also be a slogan or congratulation.
  • Keep side information small! Additional information should always be smaller and less inconspicuous. Again, just put the most important thing on the label, so as not to create any optical confusion.
  • Economical use of colors! Choose a few harmonious colors, which you then use. Tune the color scheme to the occasion (for example, wedding, birthday or anniversary).
  • Use pictures, motifs and photos with perfect fit! Have you selected a nice subject to appear on the label? Position it in a way that preserves the balance of the composition and keeps the font as clear as possible.

If you follow these rules, you will surely create a great design that will thrill other people! We recommend that you first show the finished sketch to some familiar people and possibly make some improvements before it gets really serious.

Print your own labels, have them printed - or design them by hand?

Now we are still faced with the master question: How exactly should the bottle labels be created? You could do it quite yourself, as in the old days, but maybe you also own a good printer that you want to use.

The third solution is to simply go online, find a suitable online provider and design the label in its editor. Then place the order and wait for delivery.

The first variant seems particularly personal, the last option particularly comfortable. Most people opt for the middle ground, because after all, almost everyone has the necessary technical equipment already at home.

How to make your bottle labels by hand

Granted, even the manual version is not completely free of charge, after all, you need the right adhesive labels and pens for your handmade artwork. Here are some more "tools" that could serve to beautify the look:

  • Motivstanzer
  • Zigzag scissors
  • Glitter pens
  • Metallic pins
  • Glitter spreader and glue
  • Brush and color
  • Lettering Stencil
  • Schnörkel Template
  • Motif Sticker
  • Mini decorative objects for gluing
  • Borders band
  • sequins

A little bit of practice in calligraphy could certainly be helpful in making artful bottle labels manually. For a label with a photo you also need a picture in the appropriate format, printed at the nearest drugstore.

Overall, this is the most time-consuming version, but it is particularly well received when it comes to a personal gift. The recipient will hopefully see how much effort this little masterpiece has cost.

Strong effects for your bottle labels

There are many more ways to turn your self-designed bottle labels into real eye-catchers! How about, for example, bringing a bit of luminosity into play?

For this great effect, you need a roll of noctilucent tape that you stick to the bottle. Then comes the label, which should consist of translucent material.

A nice alternative is fluorescent pens or colors that can be used for label design. In this way, the chic container is wonderful even in the dark!

Origami labels, even folded

A label does not always have to be completely flat and therefore only two-dimensional: look on the internet for suitable origami figures that can be used as bottle jewelery. Fold them down according to the instructions and add a label.

Bet that such a creation really goes down well? Your folded bottle label will be a real hit if it matches the theme of the event or maybe even a humorous allusion.

Make bottle labels on the computer yourself

Those who do not have the time and the desire to fold, tinker and inscribe, sit in front of their PC and use an image editing program for label design. As multifunctional and relatively easy to use, the free software "Gimp" has proven.

Labels that can be printed by the home printer can be bought on the internet: this hurdle would have been taken very quickly! The comfortable duplication is nothing more in the way, finally, a label motif can be printed as often as desired.

It's also easy to put your own photos and motifs on the label using image editing. Maybe as a pale background decoration or strongly colored in the foreground, just as you like it.

Have labels printed professionally

It is especially worthwhile to use the services of an online printing company when a whole series production of bottle labels is planned. High quantities are namely particularly favorable in printing business, but small amounts are not financially worthwhile.

Normally, the corresponding online programs can be operated intuitively, so that the design of the stickers is easily done by hand. In an emergency, there is usually a customer service available, which can give helpful tips.

Often it is possible to choose between different paper and printing qualities, with appropriate willingness to invest the result is really professional. Normally there is no home printer!

Tips & Tricks

Not only the label, but also the bottle should look really chic? It's definitely worth looking out for aesthetic vessels, both on the Internet and at flea markets, in second-hand shops and at glass shops.

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