Removing bottle labels is usually a game of patience

There is hardly a bottle where removing the bottle labels is not like gambling. The manufacturers use very different adhesives, ranging from water-soluble to almost indestructible. Practically, glass can also be processed with aggressive cleaning agents whose intensity can be increased.

Proceed step by step

If a glass bottle is to be transformed into a neutral decoration object, prepared for new content, or relabelled and labeled, old labels must be removed without residue.

Unfortunately, some beverage manufacturers use chemical adhesives when sticking bottles, which can not be removed by soaking and scraping for hours. After this initial attempt to clean a bottle should be worked with increasing aggressiveness of the aids and solvents.

Common steps for removing bottle labels

1. soaking

A glass bottle should be soaked for several hours in a water bath. Warm water and the addition of conventional rinsing agents increase the release effect in some cases. Ideally, the labels can be "unwound" with your thumb and fingers.

2. Brush off

After soaking, the rough side of a rinse sponge is helpful. When scrubbing care must be taken to ensure that crumbling label residues are washed out again and again because they block the scouring effect.

3. scraping

Hob scrapers or spatula with a sharp edge can make the wet labels "removable". A flat approach angle avoids scratches in the bottle.

4. Cleaning gas

Mineral spirits dripped on a cloth can dissolve water-insoluble adhesives. As with all other aids below, the fire hazard and the evolution of toxic fumes must be considered. The removal should be done outside of closed rooms.

5. Spirit

Alcohol can be used as a soaking aid. In order to minimize the required amount, a flat "puddle" in a vessel is sufficient. The bottle is inserted and if necessary nachgedreht so that the labels bathe on all surfaces in it.

6. Nitro dilution

Similar to alcohol, nitro dilution can be used.

7. WD40 or Caramba

The rust remover sprays WD40 or Caramba can decompose the bottle labels by their aggressive agents.

Tips & Tricks

If you come across a durable label that leaves marks, you can cover the mostly sticky, but almost invisible glue residue with a new label.

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