Build a bottle opener from a blank itself

With blanks available in the metal trade it is easy to build bottle openers yourself. Two construction types are possible. The blank may have a handle, with which it is anchored in a handle. The other variant consists of a flat and stamped metal disc, which is fitted into a carrier body with a cavity.

Three-dimensional ring or stamping sheet

To permanently withstand leverage, the heart of a bottle opener is made of metal. It may be a forged or pressed annular frame or a flat punched sheet metal. The annular frame has a handle, with which it is inserted into a handpiece or a handle construction.

The flat stamped metal sheet is inserted into a carrier body such as a piece of wood, a stone or a cast acrylic sculpture. It should be noted that the lateral projection of the carrier relative to the blank layer is sufficient to develop the required leverage in use.

Cavity or inlaid

While many types of handles made of wood or other solid materials can be attached to an annular frame, disc-shaped blanks offer extraordinary crafting possibilities. Condition is to create a cavity in the center of the punched, in which the crown cork edge finds space when the bottle opener is placed obliquely.

As a cavity depth of one centimeter is sufficient, since the standard and standardized height of crown cork is six millimeters. When inserting between two panels, for example made of wood, an insert recess must be incorporated in the depth of the metal sheet thickness.

Conditions for the functionality

  • The blank must be stably fixed, which is solved by two to three screwed connections
  • Cast acrylic can embed the blank, but must provide the necessary cavity through negative molds and release agents
  • An open blank sandwiched between two levels must be "sunk" through the recess and cutout on one side of the material
  • The lever between the handle and the two metal tabs must be at least ten centimeters
  • For dome-shaped pieces of wood or stones that can be completely covered, leverage ranges from three inches

Tips & Tricks

Blanks for the construction of a self-designed bottle opener you get from about two euros per piece or stainless steel disc. The products are also sold under the name "capsule lifter blank".

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