Bottle opener from a mother build yourself

To lift the crown cork from a bottle requires a stable lever. A shapely and eternally durable variant represents the construction of a larger nut made of steel dar. With metal drill and tappers in the self-build from the "open" mother is an ideal bottle opener and complements the choice of tools.

Only suitable for real crown corks

With a little skill and the right tools, you can make a nice bottle opener out of an old metal nut. The function uses the leverage needed to lift a crown cork, which is also used when opening with a lighter or opening a bottle with another bottle.

Before opening the bottle must necessarily be checked whether the supposed crown cork is actually a screw cap. Especially with beer from German neighboring countries screw caps in crown cork optics are not uncommon. When these closures are lifted with leverage, the screw neck, which is embossed in the neck of the bottle, usually breaks and produces chippings at the very spot where it is poured out or drunk.

How to build a bottle opener from a nut

  • Steel nut (size M16 to M20)
  • Metal drill bit (5mm)
  • hacksaw
  • At least twenty centimeters long metal screw (M6)
  • Lock nut (M6)
  • abrasive paper
  • drilling machine
  • tappers
  • vice
  • file

1. Clamping

Tighten the size M16 to M20 size steel nut into the vise so that you can make a vertical hole in the center of an edge surface.

Drill 2nd hole

Drill a hole in the nut with a 5mm metal drill. For a more precise drilling result, a drilling machine is recommended if possible. Remove drill cuttings with a file or sandpaper.

3. Cut in the thread

Insert a thread into the hole with the cutting attachment M6 clockwise.

4. sawing

Cut out between one quarter and one third of the total circumference of the nut. In this case, the borehole must lie on the left or right one edge "further". Remove any remaining chips.

5. Mount

Screw the lock nut (M6) onto the grip screw and screw it into the threaded hole of the opened grandmother. Fix the screw with the lock nut so that the end of the screw is flush with the internal thread of the main nut.

Tips & Tricks

For optical reasons, instead of steel, you can also use nuts made of copper or other metals in this type of self-construction of a bottle opener.

Video Board: DIY Chain Link Bottle Opener