Packaging a bottle really well: 26 inspiring ideas

Anyone who appreciates a good drop of Vienna, a sweet liqueur or a precious whiskey will definitely be pleased to receive his favorite drink as a gift. But the donor is often faced with a problem, after all, he does not want to present the bottle in question "naked." We've been looking around for inspirational packaging ideas that simply double your enjoyment!

Funny, stylish or simple?

The choice is yours: are you planning stylish bottle packaging for an upmarket occasion? For example for a wedding or an anniversary? Or would you rather make people laugh with a cool joke wrap?

Maybe you prefer it rather simply - without much trappings. After all, you do not want to make any statement whatsoever with your gift, but rather let the precious drop work.

Whatever it may be, each of you will receive enough suggestions to make your own packaging dream come true! Let's start with the funny wrappings for your liqueur or wine bottle:

Pack a bottle of fun: our pool of ideas

Beautiful and humorous are mutually exclusive guaranteed: If you decide for a funny bottle packaging, then your gift will be at the same time pretty to look at the same time! Here are our crafting tips:

The fruity-fresh pineapple bottle

Have you ever turned a bottle into a pineapple? No? Then it's about time! Glue the entire bottleneck with Ferror Rocher balls, bring "leaves" of green cardboard at the top and wrap the neck of the bottle with jute: Looks pretty convincing!

Wrap with wool: model freezing bottle

Grab a ball of wool and carefully wrap the bottle with the fluffy thread. Of course, you can also combine several colors together and stick the ends with eagle owl. As a small gag you tie a woolly pompom to the top of the bottle neck.

The bottle dwarf with a pointed hat

A cheerful dwarf dwarf can certainly consist of glass and liquids inside: Make a felt hat covering the top half of the bottle. Under the hat brim, a round ball nose and a white cotton beard look out: deceptively real!

Cool look: bottle in mini T-shirt

This cool packaging can be purchased on the Internet, but can also be created by yourself. You need a small T-shirt with humorous lettering and a padding for the sleeves so that they stick out to the sides. Stick the neckline to the bottleneck.

The bottle Christmas tree

Use soft green tracing paper to put a voluminous dress on the bottle. To do this, gradually wrap the surface from top to bottom with protruding, short "paper skirts". Now stick the surface with Christmas motives and a wonderfully festive mood is on!

Elegant bottle with shirt and bow tie

At the same time, this design looks elegant and humorous: Dress your waiter-style bottle! This works with both cardboard and textiles. If you are not very skilled yourself, buy a ready-made version.

Wintery Snowman Bottle

A special for the cold season: Stick your bottle with white cotton, so that snowman balls are created. Put on a pointy cap or a black hat made of cardboard and attach ear, nose and mouth from small pieces of cloth.

Envelop the bottle aesthetically

Jokes are not always appropriate, sometimes just pure treat is needed. Also for this purpose, there are more than enough inspirations that will help you to make a wonderfully wrapped gift.

Wooden box with napkin technique

Wooden boxes have long since established themselves as gift packaging, they are available in various decorative shops and on the Internet. Now find only a charming napkin motif and transfer this to the packaging: This just looks great!

Bottle in the gift basket

Use a beautiful bast basket, perhaps designed with a fine cloth to present your bottle appealing. Decorate the bottleneck with a golden curling ribbon and add two valuable crystal glasses, possibly even with engraving.

  1. ## Wrapped in a fine cloth

Take a fine piece of cloth by the hand and wrap it in the bottle. To attach, use a leather strap or a wide decorative band. The bottleneck can look out, a stylish gift tag completes the picture.

Professional packaging for your bottle

Of course, there are also all kinds of professionally designed bottle packaging to buy: cardboard boxes are among the cheaper models, while elegantly designed boxes belong to the luxury class. Even decorated corrugated bags can quite be seen.

Bottle in high heels

Granted, this trendy packaging is not so serious, and yet it radiates a tremendous elegance: Use an old high-heel shoe to put your bottle inside. The shoe is spiced up glamorously with glass stones and glitter.

Remodeling with spray paint

Of course you also have the opportunity to transform your wine bottle with spray paint and give it a completely new look. Two different paints set a nice contrast!

Make an angel out of the bottle

In terms of form, a bottle could well turn into an angel: just make a few wings, either made of cardboard or actually made of feathers, and stick to the back of the "back". Put on the neck a styrofoam ball, paint a face maybe put a halo on it.

Wrap with colored paper

Do you still have leftovers of tracing paper or another colorful paper at home? Wrap the bottle with it and then decorate the small artwork with ribbons and borders. The result: a real unique!

The flower power artwork

You want to completely transform your bottle? Wrap them from top to bottom with jute ribbon and attach a nicely folded paper or fabric flower to the top: bottle away - artwork there.

Use nice wrapping paper

We would also like to mention the most traditional of all solutions, since there are more than enough high-quality wrapping paper with an eye-catching effect. How best to pack a bottle can be learned via Youtube video.

Fold wrapping paper artfully

Of course, you can also artfully fold the wrapping paper instead of simply packing the bottle in it. On the Internet there are many instructions how to use the accordion technique and other creative methods to create a true eye-catcher.

The "simple and simple variant": pack a bottle

Now comes the Einpackvarianten for those who like it discreet and simple - and in this way, perhaps still want to give a little impression. After all, the understatement of life belongs to it like the shell to the banana.

Wrap wine bottle in transparent film

Transparent films decorate the bottle in an aesthetic way, without losing sight of the essentials. Some of these materials are printed with translucent motifs, they are particularly elegant. Tie the foil on the neck with a curling ribbon - the present is ready!

Gift tags as an ornament

A gift tag does not represent real packaging, but it can be wonderfully used to spice up a bottle for a festive delivery. The practical labels are available in many different sizes, shapes and colors - creatives make their own bottle trailer.

Wrapping of wood

A very simple way to decorate a bottle is to surround it with short pieces of wood and fasten it with a gift ribbon. With brush and paint, the wood gets some color and maybe a small message.

Wrap in a dry cloth

That too is a solution: choose a new dry cloth with a beautiful pattern and hit the bottle in it. A rustic jute ribbon holds the packaging together and gives the item a special twist.

The bill fly for financial added value

You may also want to use the bottle to stylishly transfer a certain amount of money. Tie the note in question like a fly around the neck of a bottle, after folding it into an accordion: Voila!

  1. ## Use a purchased deco net

In the trade, there are deconters for bottles to buy, either in white or in natural tones. These are easy to pull over your gift and then look forward to a really chic look.

Tie pretty bow

Grab an extra-wide gift ribbon and tie a nice bow around the bottle belly. That hardly prepares work and yet looks quite delightful: that's how easy it is to pack a bottle in style!

Pack the bottle: the Christmas variant

You are in the middle of Advent - or is it just Christmas? Tie a bottle of red ribbon around your neck and attach a shimmering, thick bauble to your bottle. Already the festival can begin!

A touch of nature: use greens

Pick some flowers or flowering branches outside and tie them to the side of the bottle with jute ribbon. This feels pleasantly natural and definitely lifts your mood.

Stick on a nice bottle label

Granted, a label does not make any packaging, and yet it can enhance a simple bottle for a noble present. Print your bottle sticker with photo motif yourself - or label it with sparkling metallic pens. So you get a precious single piece to give away!

Tips & Tricks

Just take a look which of these materials you already have at home and try to make an appealing packaging from them. This will save you the way to the city - and even recycle leftovers.

Product Image: AnnaAiva / Shutterstock