The floor plate at the family house

The floor slab represents the foundation on which your future family home will be built. In this article, you will learn what function the floor slab does, what it costs and how an ordinary floor slab is built to fulfill its function ideally.

The function of the bottom plate

Basically, the floor slab is the transition between your family home and the floor. But it is not only responsible for the separation, which is necessary for reasons such as moisture or pollution, but also for a uniform weight distribution and thus the highest degree of stability. Even with possible soil deformations that can cause damage to your home, the bottom plate is essential.

In particular, changes in the soil caused by heat or cold, which can expand or shrink, present a danger to the house during the construction process and after completion.

The floor plate at the family house: plate

The base on the base

No bottom plate would do without foundation. Therefore, the construction of a foundation is imperative before the bottom plate is built. The foundation itself can not take over the function of the floor slab, as it only serves to stabilize, but not to a clear separation of house and soil.

The structure of the bottom plate

An ordinary floor panel consists of different layers, each with different functions. First and foremost, the plate itself is built - their depth is usually 80 - 100 cm. The so-called cleanliness layer is then applied to this base layer - it protects against moisture and already has an insulating function. Finally, the foundation is applied to this layer.

The cost of an ordinary floor slab is usually 70 - 100 euros, which adds up with a floor space of 140 square meters at a price of 9800 to 14000 euros.

Tips & Tricks

With a developer, you can compare the different types of base plate in the catalogs and thus determine the costs and advantages of different variants.

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