Boxspring bed or waterbed - which is better?

What's better, a box spring bed or a waterbed? Here opinions differ. Which of them is more gentle to the back? Again, the experts are not unanimous. Read below what it means to buy a box spring bed and what to buy a waterbed.


Both water bed and box spring bed are very expensive compared to a "conventional bed". Boxspring beds are, however, much more expensive than waterbeds. While you get a good waterbed already for 1000 euros, you have to expect for a box spring bed about twice the price.

lying comfort

Both water beds and boxspring beds can offer the highest level of comfort when the degree of hardness is right (in the boxspring bed) or when the filling volume is set correctly (at the waterbed).
Due to the good suspension in the box spring bed and the yielding water at the waterbed, both adapt to movements and reclining position.
An advantage, however, has the waterbed opposite the box spring bed: The integrated heating function ensures that the bed is always nice and warm, which in turn has a positive effect on the back and tension.

maintenance effort

A significant disadvantage of a waterbed is the care: Once every year, a conditioner must be added to the water and every few months the mattress should be neatly cleaned with a care product to keep the material supple. Even the cover must be washed regularly, but that is also the case with a box spring bed.


The waterbed is considered the most hygienic bed variant and is therefore recommended especially for people with allergies. There are no mites or other particles on the vinyl surface of the mattress, and the fabric cover can be washed as needed. If you have a topper for your box spring bed, it also prevents liquids from flowing into the mattress and you can wash it regularly. However, mite freedom is not guaranteed.

Life and wear

Also in terms of life, the waterbed beats the box spring bed. For more than twenty years a waterbed with proper care lives without any problems without signs of wear. Many providers even give up to 20 years warranty on a waterbed. A boxspring bed is expected to last 10 to 15 years.

Box-spring water beds

Some vendors advertise that they have combined the best features of box spring beds and waterbeds in a box spring waterbed. Do not be fooled! Other suppliers describe their "new invention" a bit more honest: A box spring waterbed is simply a waterbed in box spring look. However, it does not differ in any way from a "normal" waterbed.

Tips & Tricks

If you are afraid of the "ripples" at the waterbed, buy yourself a heavily soothed waterbed. Here the waves beat only 1.5 seconds. Also, for a two person waterbed, make sure that the waterbed has two water chambers separated by a divider so you do not feel any movement from your partner.

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