Put the box spring mattress in a normal bed

Boxing beds are particularly popular in America and are often used in hotels. Often vacationers want to buy a boxspring bed after a sleep experience in the box spring bed. But these are associated with high costs. Whether you can simply put a box spring mattress in a normal bed, you will find out below.

What makes the box spring bed?

A box spring bed consists of several components:

  • Spring box: A box, so to speak, a bed frame, which is equipped with a high quality spring core.
  • Mattress: high-quality spring core, pocket spring core, cold foam mattress or others
  • Topper: A thin mattress overlay that absorbs moisture and dirt, protecting the mattress from dirt and abrasion

The special feature of the box spring bed is the double suspension: The combination of spring box and mattress provide optimal sleep. It is important that the degree of hardness of both is coordinated. The box spring also makes a difference visually: both the box and the back are covered with imitations of leather or high-quality fabric and give the box spring bed a classy appearance.

What is a box spring mattress?

A box spring mattress includes the spring core of the spring core box (without box) and the mattress. That is, it is a significant higher, double spring-loaded mattress. Most are used instead of a row innerspring two over each other. While normal mattresses are usually between 16 to 18cm, with comfort height up to 25cm high, box spring mattresses have heights of up to 35cm.

Can I put a box spring mattress in a normal bed?

Let's get to the initial question: Can you place a box spring mattress in a normal bed? Generally, yes. However, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Between bed and floor must be free space, so that the air can circulate here and mold growth is avoided.
  • At very high bedsteads, the height of the box spring mattress can lead to problems. With normal high beds, this should not be a problem, but rather make for a more comfortable boarding.
  • If you plan to lay your box spring mattress on a slatted frame, place it in a vertical position beforehand. The headboard should not be raised! The spring cores could otherwise slip or damage the mattress weight the slatted frame.

Tips & Tricks

Whenever you buy a mattress, make sure it has a removable mattress cover or a washable topper. Regular washing of the mattress cover reduces the number of bacteria, mites and other in bed.

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