Decorate and craft boxes

Decorate and craft boxes: decorate

In the household, there are many packages that are simply disposed of after their use. However, if you pick up shoe boxes, cheese packaging and other cardboard packaging, you can use it to make great gift packaging or storage boxes.

To decorate the boxes, you can use wrapping paper, napkins, stickers, buttons and much more. The imagination knows no bounds. Just make sure that all parts are glued together well.

Here on this themed page, there are links to free guides and templates for gift wrapping and storage boxes made from outer packaging, hatboxes or spandex. who wants Decorate and craft boxes?

If you want to make a gift box or storage box from plain paper or cardboard sheets, you should look at the following topic page:

Folding boxes of paper and cardboard

With paper, scissors, glue and pencils you can make a lot of great handicrafts. Learn more about:

Paper crafting

little bat

Bat from egg box - craft instructions with pictures
at Halloween Kidsaction

Sewing bunny made of cherry wood

Project description for the construction of a cherrywood sewing box for advanced woodworkers. Detailed illustrated instructions.
at HolzwerkstattBlog


Simple crafting instructions for a hatbox
at Handmadekultur

Decorating tips for gift box

Decoration tips for a present box for Mother's Day for little children: make paper flower, colorful pencils and pompoms.
at No time for flash cards

Gift box made of paper

Crafting instructions for a flat box for Mother's Day gifts.
at self make

treasure chest

Instructions for a small treasure chest in the form of a decorated box made of MDF boards. Illustrated instructions and blueprint as PDF download. Suitable for beginners.
at Westfalia Versand

Decorated wooden box for storage and as a seat

Storage box in medieval style - also usable as camping stool
at Dragonwing

Round box

from adhesive tape roll
at Pure Gold

gift box

tinker with pumpkins in napkin technique. Great for Halloween.
at bastelideen

Decorate the chip box

with mosaic stones
at Bastelideen

Gift box for Mother's Day

decorated with shells and bast
at Bastelseite

Decorate decorative boxes

Square, round and oval boxes decorated with cardboard, chipboard, corrugated cardboard and gold paint
in blind cow

reminder Dose

Heart shaped tin with baby photo design as a beautiful gift for baptism or birth
at Creadoo


made of plywood or cardboard in white and gold decorate with decoupage technique
at Creadoo

drawer box

Decorate with animal motifs in napkin technique. A crafting guide
at expli

drawer box

individually designed
at Expli

Decorative box

Decorative box made of a shoebox with safari motives in napkin technique verziehren.
at Expli

Free Plan: Spanish Cedar Humidor

Build humidor from spanish cedar. Detailed construction manual
at Fine Wood Working

Decorating boxes with autumn leaves

Autumn deco boxes made of spandosen and autumn leaves
at Geolino

Collect memories in a box

Crafting idea for a self-made box in which the souvenirs from the wedding party are collected
by Heike Boden

Gift box made of polymer clay

Make a polymer clay box for a present for the Hanukkah festival

Decorative mosaic

in a ball shape, as a frog or as a tea box
with Karins Lädsche

Practical pen box

from toilet paper rolls and mussels tinker
at kidsweb

Tin from clothespins

for little treasures
at Kiki's web


Craft a box made of gray cardboard, fabric or wood yourself and use it as a cigar box or gift box.
at Scrappers Paradise

Sewing box [PDF]

from a metal tin as PDF file for download
at UHUSprache: German

Corrugated cardboard box [PDF]

Recycling a cheese packaging as PDF file for download
at UHUSprache: German

Decorated passepartout heart boxes [PDF]

Beautiful tins with sponge hearts, glitter glue, napkins and newspaper tinker.
at Uhu

Can and frame with sand [PDF]

Prehend motifs with glue, colored sand sticks
at UHUSprache: German

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