Tinker and decorate boxes

Boxes and boxes of paper, cardboard or wood

Tinker and decorate boxes: Tinker

Who does not know that? You have filigree jewelry or other little attention that you would like to present as a pretty wrapped gift. How good if you yourselfFold boxes or empty cardboard boxes to beautifulMake boxes can.

The packaging can then be individually tailored to the gift and the person to be gifted. For example, you can make a heart box yourself for Valentine's Day and then design this packaging yourself.

Whether square or round, monochrome or colorful, big or small - the imagination knows no bounds. With us you will find suitablepackaging ideas for lovingly wrapped gifts.

Table of contents about crafting boxes

  • Decorate and craft boxes
  • Folding carton instructions: Folding boxes made of paper and cardboard

With paper you can not only make boxes of different sizes and shapes, but also produce plants, animals and many other objects. In Japan, the art of paper folding is calledorigamidesignated.

The starting point of the objects are mostly square papers, which are either monochrome or patterned. Scissors and glue are rarely used. A true origami master is the one who can do without them altogether. Learn more about us here
Paper crafting

Decorate and craft boxes

From shoeboxes, cheese boxes and other outer packaging can be great gift packaging and decorative storage boxes tinker. Here you will find the appropriate crafting instructions: Decorating and crafting boxes

Folding carton instructions: Folding boxes made of paper and cardboard

Elongated gift box

with illustrated instructions
at Betty's Creations

gift Box

Crafting instructions for a gift box made of paper with tips for designing
at Bettys-creations

Surprise box for Mother's Day

Crafting instructions for an elegant folding box for small gifts. Duration: Less than 1 hour.
at babycenter


suitable for handkerchiefs made of construction paper
Creative addiction

Template for a present box [PDF]

to print with lettering "I love you"
at basteln-mit-papier.de

gift box

with template for printing
at Nic tinkers

Round box

made of corrugated cardboard
at Bastel-Elfe

Gifts bag

with drawstring
at Bastelfrau

Flat present box

Flat carton nostalgically decorated
at Bastelfrau

Square box

from scrapbook paper
at Bastelideen

Small square box

from paper folds. With lid
at Bastelparadies

High hexagonal box

made of construction paper or paperboard
at Bastelparadies

Box with edge

illustrated instructions for an origami box
at Bastelratgeber

Fold triangular box

easy and fast
at Billes Bastelecke

Box in pyramid shape

an effective packaging
at Billes Bastelecke

Box as a piece of cake

Template for printing.
at Billes Bastelecke

Advent calendar with origami boxes

Christmas idea for an advent calendar made of folded origami boxes made of pattern paper to be tinkered with. Folding guide for the boxes as illustrated step-by-step instructions.
at Brigitte

Faltarbeit: Osterkorb made of paper

Simple instructions for a quick made Easter basket of self-painted or colored construction paper.
at CPG Advertising

The coffin snack box made of cardboard

Cigarettes snack boxes with practical craft templates for printing. - Complete instructions and material list
at Halloween City

Make a box

made of gray cardboard and covered with fabric
at Handarbeitshaus

Easter bunny shaped box

Instructions for a bunny box with scalable template.
at ideem

Box with blossom

Template for printing
at Kidsaction

Origami charts

small collection of unusual shapes: box etc.
at Nachtpoet

Gift box Christmas star

Video tutorial for an origami poinsettia as a gift box.
at Origami Kids


Craft a box made of gray cardboard, fabric or wood yourself and use it as a cigar box or gift box.
at Scrappers Paradise

Corrugated cardboard box [PDF]

Recycling a cheese packaging as PDF file for download
at UHUSprache: German

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