Brand tool or NoName from the discounter?

No matter in which home improvement forum you move, at regular intervals the question is in the room - Should I buy branded tools or is that enough from the discount store? Then she starts, the big discussion of principles and you get somehow always the same sentences around the ears:

  • If you buy cheap, buy twice!
  • My Aldi drill has been running for years!
  • That's just China scrap.
  • Get a professional tool, you still have that as a grandpa! (Why not grandma? Oh, that's another topic.)

Brand tool or NoName from the discounter?: discounter

Bosch PBH 3200-2-FRE

Can the question be answered at all? Does one have to pay sometimes five times the price, because otherwise one can work only 30 minutes and then the tool flies around the ears? I admit that this post will not give a general answer. But since I already have tools of different price ranges in my hands for a few years, I can give an insight into my experience.

In principle, I divide tools into four classes:

  1. Discounter tool
  2. Baumarkt-house brand
  3. Branded tool for home improvement
  4. Brand tool for craftsmen

I deliberately do not want to use the word professional tool, as there are professionals in DIY as well as in the artisan sector as well as laymen. Also, I am not a friend of judging tools by country or place of sale.

Discount Tools

Even if an old advertisement promises otherwise, I have already seen a Mercedes with a breakdown on the roadside. This is nothing else with power tools. Whether discounter or brand, everything can eventually have a defect. But that does not mean that you can not have 30 years of luck with a 20 € drill. You can! But what if not? Then you have a problem at the discount store. There are usually special offers, which are barely in stock. This means you can get your money back, can have your device sent in for repair or, if necessary, contact the manufacturer. In any case, you stand there for a while without tools. How long? Yes, who can say that? Unfortunately nobody.

Therefore discount store tools are taboo for me.

Baumarkt-house brand

Brand tool or NoName from the discounter?: noname

AlphaTool rotary hammer

Even for a few euros more or even the same price, you get the same tools in the hardware store. With the advantage of being able to choose between different models (depending on the offer). 5 € more can make a tool look very different. But why these tools are almost my favorite group is due to the guarantee. This is where the DIY stores roll over and give up to 5 years. - No matter what the tool has cost.

The DIY stores are often very accommodating. Due to the low price, a repair only pays off in rare cases, and in my two problem cases I have a completely new tool including all accessories in my hands within five minutes. With driveway, I was able to continue within 30min my work with a new device. An advantage that should not be underestimated. If you calculate the warranty period and the purchase price, the whole thing becomes even more interesting. The illustrated hammer drill (house brand Bauhaus) cost for example 50 € and has done a good job. For a brand product you put the 5 times 250 € on the table. This 250 € invested in a 50 € Baumarktgerät with 5 years warranty, equips me theoretically the next 25 years with a working hammer drill. An invoice that can make sense.

Of course you have to compromise on quality. This ranges from "can you work with" to "quite good". Certainly not a comparison to brand tools, but quite a legitimate tool group in which especially newcomers find useful tools. Once they are familiar with their craft skills and know what they like and often work with, switching to and acquiring a branded device does not hurt as much as a pointlessly expensive tool.

Branded tool for home improvement

My first brand tool was a circular saw, but I was not so aware of the quality difference. Certainly she was quite different, easier and better processed, but in the end only straight cuts came out. My absolute weakness for this tool group came with the jigsaw. All of a sudden, you could even make straight cuts with a jigsaw, sawing effortlessly through a 40 mm worktop, and the cut is still right-angled. A remarkable quality difference, but you have to pay. Here you should start to decide what you want to work with the tool and how often it is used.

Brand tool or NoName from the discounter?: discounter

Bosch PKS 18 LI

Jig saw, router, cordless drill.... These are tools that are regularly used by me and that require qualitative and exact work. In any case, I will always rely on branded tools. A hammer drill, on the other hand, is used less frequently and if I did not have a well-functioning one, I would probably prefer to go to the hardware store class here. Simply because a higher price is not worth it for the rare use.

With the higher purchase price, one can not of course expect that such a brand device in the guarantee case simply be exchanged. Here you have to accept a certain repair time. However, customer satisfaction is very important today and many manufacturers go to enormous lengths to hand over their intact tool to the customer quickly. I've heard of just two days. This is a service that can be seen and creates satisfied customers.

Brand tools for craftsmen

Brand tool or NoName from the discounter?: brand

GSR 10,8-2-Li

From this class, I own only a small cordless screwdriver and more by chance. Yes, this screwdriver is absolutely great. Small, handy and offers more than enough power. However, my home mechanic screwdrivers have not left me in the lurch. That's why I stay in this area with my tools. Sure the price difference is justified in the craftsman tools, since they are designed for a harder use, but as long as I do not fully load my tools and the accuracy meets my requirements, I will not spend more than it really is necessary.

With this sentence I am already at the conclusion of my little comparison.

Test yourself with cheap (not cheap) tools, find out what you need, how often and with what quality and then decide in which class you buy your tool. An authorization probably has each one.

all pictures: Riccardo Düring

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