Turn brass pipes - what do you have to pay attention to?

Bending a brass pipe yourself is not a big problem in many cases. It is important to pay attention to a few things. Depending on the diameter of the tube and bending diameter case-by-case different methods are used. Read more here.

Basic factors

  • Bending diameter
  • material quality
  • Pipe diameter

Bending diameter

The bending diameter must be greater than the pipe radius, otherwise it is by no means by hand. In addition, only simple bends in large radius by hand, complex or tight bends belong to the locksmith who has special tools for it.

material quality

The material must be as high quality and uniform as possible. However, unpredictable properties can still occur at the bending point.

Pipe diameter

The pipe diameter plays a role especially for the filling. For small diameters, sand is not suitable as a filler. Instead, you better use solder, which you insert into the tube. He must be removed after the bend by a new warming again. This is done by flowing out.

Bend yourself a thin brass tube - that's how it works

  • Filling material: Solder, pipes with larger diameters: fine sand or corundum
  • ev. Wooden wedges as a closure
  • Vice for clamping
  • if necessary die
  • Blowtorch for heating

1. Fill the brass tube

Push the solder into the pipe until the pipe diameter is filled as completely as possible. The upper and lower end of the tube can be closed, but this is not absolutely necessary.

The closure only ensures that no liquid solder drops out during the bending process and can be dirty. By the way, larger pipes, from 5 mm diameter are filled with compacted sand. Here, of course, must be closed.

2. heating

Heat the pipe evenly at the bending point with the blowtorch. It should only be heated until the solder has liquefied inside. After that the tube is ready for bending.

3. Bending

A die is helpful in obtaining an exact bend at the desired angle without kinking. If no suitable article with a suitable outside diameter is available, a suitable bending die should be made as far as possible.

Tips & Tricks

To find out what works and what does not, it does not hurt to do some trial bends in advance on the same material.

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