Burglary protection for glass - what can you do?

Due to their glazing, windows are of course a special target of burglary attempts. Which glasses are particularly burglar-resistant, how they are constructed, and which protection you can retrofit, you will find in detail in this article.

safety glass

From certain security classes for windows, the glazing is also particularly protected. Safety glass is always used here. For safety glass for burglary protection, only laminated safety glass is used.

The so-called single-pane safety glass is used almost exclusively in the car, or where injuries are to be avoided when breaking away.

Construction of laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass simply consists of two flat glasses, which are permanently laminated together under heat and pressure with a tear-resistant, tough and elastic film made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVB). Plastic and glass form an inseparable unit.

Glass-resistance classes

In addition to the resistance classes for windows, there are also special resistance classes for glasses. The safety glass can be divided into two different security groups:

  • against dropping secured glass and
  • secured glass against knocking

Protection against insertion

So that slices can not simply be thrown in with a heavy object (such as a stone), they are specially protected. How effective this protection is is indicated by glass classes P1A to P5A.

To determine the class, a 4.11 kg heavy metal ball is dropped onto the window. The greater the height from which the window survives the impact unscathed, the higher the safety class of the glass.

The test is carried out 3 times in succession from the same height. The ball must always hit in the area of ​​a triangle with 13 cm edge length. The height for the lowest safety class (P1A) is 1.5 m, for the highest safety class P5A the test must be successfully completed 9 times in succession from a height of 9 m, the ball always hits exactly the same place.

Protection against knocking

Window panes could be hit in an emergency with the ax. Glass, which is also secured against this harsh treatment, is classified into the classes P6B to P8B. In the lowest class the glass withstands 30 to 50 axles, in the highest class over 70 strokes with a 40 cm wide ax.

safety films

Unprotected glass can be retrofitted with security films. However, only low pass-through classes (usually P1A or P2A) can be reached. Partly also a sun protection function is integrated.

Tips & Tricks

Laminated safety glass has another, pleasant advantage: it is much more soundproof than ordinary glass.

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