Burglary protection by burglar-resistant shutters

Nothing contributes so much to protection against burglars as stable shutters. Because they increase the burglary protection of windows.

Burglary protection by burglar-resistant shutters: protection

Unfortunately, most commercially available plastic models do not offer very good protection, as they can be levered up with the appropriate tool in a short time or break from the guide rail.

In addition, roller shutters lowered during the day show that the residents are not at home, which in turn causes burglars to find a weak spot in the house to break in.

Burglar-resistant shutters They offer the perpetrators more resistance than traditional models, as they need more time and tools to overcome this burglary protection. - If they even succeed. If the break-in attempt takes too long, the chances are higher that the perpetrators refrain from their plans.

But when choosing anti-burglary roller shutters, owners of a dinghy should pay attention to the resistance class. In addition, shutters can also be made later burglar proof.

Resistance classes for burglar-resistant shutters

Standard roller shutters serve primarily as visual or sun protection and are not a major obstacle for experienced burglars. If you do not want to keep the perpetrators at windows and doors, but earlier, you can install burglar-resistant shutters. Depending on the material used, they themselves withstand mechanical break-in attempts. How high the burglary protection of roller shutters is, gives the resistance class (Resistance class, abbreviated RC).

These models were after the DIN EN 1627 tested and in the six Classes RC 1 to 6 divided. RC 1 provides only weak protection, while RC 6 offers the best possible burglary protection. For houses and apartments should Shutters at least the RC 2 to be built in.

If they were installed before September 2011, the old designation of the classes according to DIN V ENV 1627 applies to them. WK 2 corresponds to the new RC 2, WK 3 to RC 3 and so on.

Requirements for burglar-proof roller shutters

Shutters that have been tested according to the new DIN EN 1627 or the previous DIN V ENV 1627 have certain safety mechanisms with respect to their construction:

  • Reinforced guide rail
  • Protected rolling box
  • Robust roller shutter elements made of metal
  • Reinforced end bar against tearing out of the shutter
  • Block against pushing up

Nevertheless, a high resistance class uses little if the shutters are not installed properly. Therefore, consumers should have burglary protection installed by a specialist. Tested and certified models are recognizable by the following Approvals: VdS, ift, PfB cert, PIV cert, ECBS or DIN tested.

Burglary protection by burglar-resistant shutters: protection

Simple push-up barrier for roller shutters.

Retrofit burglary protection on roller shutters

Burglary protection by burglar-resistant shutters: protection

Clamping device for manually operated shutters.

Who wants to make the shutters later burglar-proof, has various options. The prerequisite is, however, that the roller shutter bars are resistant to bending and made of a stable material, such as metal.

terminal fuses prevent the sliding of lowered shutters and can often be mounted without drilling. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the clamp lock is attached on both sides between the roller shutter and the guide rail and fixed with a screw.

In order to increase the burglary protection significantly, larger conversion measures are required: So can the roll box reinforce and secure against break-in from outside or one stable push-up barrier integrate. For even more security reinforced end barsecured against tearing out the shutters and a new reinforced guide rail.

Of course, the bigger exchanges are also needed be carried out by a specialistto ensure burglary protection.

Automatically operated shutters

As an additional deterrent offers a Electric drive with automatic control on. Here, the residents set the time or the brightness value at which the shutters are automatically raised and lowered again. In this way, the house appears to be inhabited in the absence. This method is also advisable in the case of a holiday. Alternatively, ask neighbors or a trusted person to pull up the shutters in the morning and lower them in the evening.

Roller grille as burglary protection for glass doors

Burglary protection by burglar-resistant shutters: burglary

Roller grille as burglary protection for windows and glass doors

A good alternative to Burglar-resistant shutters are so-called burglary-resistant rolling grilles. These are suitable for securing several windows and glass doors, for example for the window side with patio door. However, they are more commonly used in shop windows. To secure, the rolling grille is lowered either manually or via a remote control and completed. High-quality versions are equipped with an armored bolt lock, so that when closing a solid cross bar extends on both sides and is anchored. As a result, the rolling grill can not be pushed up. In addition, an emergency switch is installed in the rooms, with which the lowered grille can be opened at any time without a switch from the inside. While the classic rolling grilles will be left from top to bottom, will be concertina extended horizontally. These consist of a grid of solid steel bars and are also closed for burglary protection.

This burglary protection has the advantage that light continues to fall through the windows into the living spaces and indoor plants are supplied with light. In addition, windows may remain open for ventilation when the grid has been unrolled. Such grids can also be retrofitted.

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