To effectively repair eruptions and quirks in the wood

Wood surfaces do not withstand all mechanical stresses, sometimes caused by everyday use quirks and eruptions. Especially on the wooden staircase, but also on solid wood furniture and on the parquet floor such damage does not look very good. Luckily, there is the possibility of visually disappearing the outbreaks with the help of suitable putty. Read here how to repair quirks on wood!

Which material can be used to fill quirks in the wood?

Wood putty is available in many different shades to buy, but go to the corresponding specialist shop or the hardware store. The material is available in tubes or cans, you will need a small spatula and fine sandpaper.

However, you can also repair your Holzmacken with homemade putty, this you need a suitable binder and enough wood dust / wood flour from the same material as the surface to be puttied.

For example, use bone glue, fish glue or hydroxypropylcellulose to bind your wood meal. Then fill in the gaps and let the putty dry well. Then grind very carefully.

Kacken in the wood kitten: That's how it works!

For the kitten of small outbreaks in the wood you need a good eye and a steady hand. These tips make it easy to repair with self-made putty:

  • Wood dust and wood flour for your own putty can be produced by grinding yourself or obtained in the cutting department of the construction market.
  • Thoroughly sieve the wood dust first so that there are no rough pieces left in it.
  • Do not use carpenter's glue as a binder, as it will take little or no paints.
  • Put the binder in a jar and gradually add grinding dust.
  • Always mix only as much wood cement as you can process quickly.
  • Do not use a metal container for tanning-rich wood flour.
  • Fill the quirks with the putty and smooth the surface with the spatula.
  • Keep 12 to 24 drying time before sanding.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to kitten dark wood, the addition of dark brown pigments is recommended. Because even with color additives, you have the opportunity to tailor your homemade putty on the ground exactly.

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