Brickwork / brickwork

Brick walls made of bricks or bricks are usually brick walls made of clinker, a special kind of brick. These are fired at 1100° C to 1300° C, giving them their special properties, which give them their great outdoor advantage over ordinary bricks: The high temperatures close the pores of the material - the bricks absorb less water and are more stable and resistant.

Wall in the garden

Possibilities: garden wall

A continuous brick wall is a very solid protection for your property. The investment in a garden wall is permanent and provides great security against intruders of any kind. Depending on the height of the wall you have through the masonry in addition a reliable visibility and wind protection in the garden. The characteristic red-brown of the bricks also blends harmoniously into your garden.

However, the massive barrier also has literal shadows: Where it protects you from wind and glare, it also takes you from the view and makes its immediate surroundings to a shady spot. It's best to take advantage of the benefits of a brick wall without being restricted by just adding a wall to small parts of your property. For example, you could protect one side of your patio with a high wall, but provide the other side with a low wall or a casual wooden fence. Another way to make the masonry seem less austere and squat is to green it, for example with ivy. However, you must be aware that the masonry can be damaged in the long run by the roots of the plant.

Look for bricks for outdoor use

Torn bricks in a brick wall

Torn bricks in a brick wall

If you build in the garden, you must use appropriate material that withstands various weather conditions and remains attractive and intact for a long time. This also applies to the design of a garden wall made of bricks:

So be sure to use bricks for outdoor use if you want a brick wall on your property. Indoor bricks, which normally need to be protected from water, eventually become porous when exposed to moisture and cold for long periods of time: if the water gets into the bricks and eventually freezes in the winter, the bricks will crack and yours will break Wall gets cracked and becomes unstable.

If you use the right bricks, your wall can withstand the weather for many years without losing any of its stability.

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