Clean bricks - without damage!

Bricks quickly build moss or are still full of mortar remains. Therefore, the bricks have to be cleaned before they can be processed further. However, the bricks are quite sensitive and porous, so the sensitive surface needs to be cleaned with some care. How to gently clean bricks, we show here.

high pressure cleaner

Unless it happens to be hard baked bricks with a glassy surface, bricks can be severely damaged by a high pressure washer or even completely destroyed. Even with a weak beam, traces and grooves often appear in the brick or brick.

For example, light moss infestation should be removed with a coarse brush. Rinsing can be done in between with the garden hose.

use of chemicals

The situation is similar with strong chemicals. These often penetrate deeply into the porous stone and develop their destructive effect only later. But at least streaks and discoloration can occur due to the chemical treatment.

If there are rust spots or residues of mortar on the bricks, you can use chlorine bleach. However, you must dilute these very much and rinse with plenty of clear water. The result is more optimal if you water the bricks in advance, then they will not absorb the chlorine cleaner. You should also wear gloves.

Cleaning of bricks at a glance

  • brush
  • water
  • Only use chemicals that are heavily diluted
  • no high pressure cleaner
  • no electric wire brushes

Tips & Tricks

If the stones can be removed, there is a very simple solution for removing limescale. The bricks are simply placed in the garden pond for a few days. Then the lime edge can either be washed off or it is already gone.

Incidentally, this also works with flower pots made of clay, whose appearance often suffers from lime residues.

Video Board: How to Clean Brick with Acid