Which is best for sticking polystyrene boards

Suitable adhesives for polystyrene are products which contain no solvent. Waterbased dispersion adhesives, acrylates and polyurethanes are common adhesives. What the connection holds best, decides the ground. In general, a distinction can be made between absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

Adhesive substrates

If you stick polystyrene panels to a ceiling or a wall, the choice of adhesive depends on the nature of the substrate. There are three major types of adhesive, each of which can be used on multiple materials.

Decisive is the suction behavior of the adhesive surface. The absorbent materials include:

  • concrete
  • plasterboard
  • Wood
  • plaster
  • Natural stone (tiles)

Non-absorbent substrates include:

  • Glass
  • Ceramic tiles
  • metals
  • Plastic coated multipurpose plates such as OSB

Three common types of adhesive cover every need

polyurethane foam

The plastic adhesive foam can be used with almost any material combination. The many adjustment options by the manufacturer allow to select specific variants for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

Acrylates and epoxies

Adhesives from the acrylic and resin sectors are the best choice, especially on smooth non-absorbent surfaces. Their biggest advantage is the UV resistance and very long life. You need air supply to cure. When buying should be paid to the manufacturer-focused adhesive function. Systems with two components are usually overdosed in the adhesive power.

Water-based dispersion adhesive

Smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, especially in the interior, are suitable for use with water-based dispersion adhesives. However, they require air access for curing because the water dissolved in the paint must be able to evaporate. They are also available under the name aerosols in sprayable form.

When bonding with air-based adhesives, linings, seals and plastering should be done only after drying. Tile and cement adhesives should not be used for fixing and laying polystyrene panels.

Although some relevant portals advise hot-melt adhesives as an alternative to attaching polystyrene panels, this variant actually rules out. Styrofoam is sensitive to heat and can deform when bonding insulation.

Tips & Tricks

If you stick polystyrene on polystyrene, in addition to specific polystyrene adhesives common wood glue provides a functional and inexpensive alternative.

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