Polish the bronze

Bronze, like other metals, becomes unsightly over time. If simple cleaning no longer helps, it must be cleaned mechanically. The remedy of choice is polishing. We have summarized below how you can polish bronze and what to pay attention to.

Working with the alloy bronze

Bronze is not a metal, but rather an alloy. So it consists of several metals that are merged. In some cases, it can also lead to chemical reactions and new crystals arise. The special feature of bronze is the fact that it must contain at least 60 percent copper. Copper is therefore always the main component.

There are different bronze alloys

Now, however, the other metals that are added can differ significantly from each other. Here are some examples of different bronze alloys:

  • Tin bronze (classic bronze)
  • Aluminum-bronze (mainly for technical applications)
  • Beryllium bronze (technical applications)
  • Phosphor bronze (technical applications)

Properties of bronzes can be significantly different

Many bronzes can also contain lead. Lead then forms a separate phase in the alloy, which, for example, significantly affects the welding of bronze. The only exception, which is not considered bronze alloy despite the high copper content, is brass (copper and zinc).

Most home improvement is tin bronze

In most cases, the bronze you use will be tin bronze, as it was used during the Bronze Age. You can polish this tin bronze relatively easily. Even simple home remedies can help you here.

Various means to polish bronze

So toothpaste is a good choice to polish such a bronze alloy. Instead, you can also mix a paste with flour, vinegar and water to polish. Baking soda or soda with water also gives an excellent polishing paste for bronze.

Toothpaste for polishing

The paste is applied with a cloth and polished well. Subsequently, the object of bronze is rinsed only with clear water. If you want to keep the luster now longer, you can oil or grease your bronze object now.

Make bronze polishing paste yourself and finished products

Alternatively, you can purchase polishing pastes. In general, you can use such polishing pastes, which are also released for copper and brass. The specialized trade also offers a matching polishing wool. If you also want to brush the bronze, make sure you have a suitable stock, ie copper or brass brush wire.

Tips & Tricks

Bronze can be processed and edited in many ways. It is also thanks to this simple treatment that an entire epoch of humanity was named after this alloy. So you can also cast or solder bronze.

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