Decorate brooms decoratively and humorously

Sweeping is not exactly a favorite activity of many people. To make work a little easier, creative and imaginative decorating can make a broom much more attractive. A smile or a grin when picking up the work will distract you from the monotony. Your own sense of humor can be implemented in many ways.

Make a broomstick

Who makes a broom itself and binds him, for example in the form of a broomstick or witches broom himself, can use decorative elements such as gift ribbons by jewelry cords.

For a conventional broom, the surface of the bolt and the handle are suitable for decoration. The stalk can be varnished in color, with uni-colors as well as striped patterns and irregular color distributions unfolding decorating effects. Lightning, flames, jets and other representational motion illustrations can give the stem a visual dynamic.

Playing field on the broomstick

The top of the broom bar is not only the largest broom area, but is always in focus during sweeping. It can be painted, but is also suitable for sticking on structures.

Decor and motif ideas for painting:

  • Dirt-eating face: The movement of the broom is like a "mouth" that absorbs the dirt. A face with an open "mouth" makes the broom a dirt-eating animal. Even a name, for example, noted on a stick, makes a broom a valued "roommate".
  • Technical circuit: The presentation of a highly complicated circuit diagram or an internal machine life turns the broom into a high-tech tool.
  • Dynamic illustrations: The movement of the broom can be visually enhanced by depictions with elements such as wind, fire and water. Also aircraft nozzles and tires and wheels are used to support mobility.

Design ideas for superstructures

  • Figures: Miniatures and figures from the toy and setting box world can be glued to the bar. Cartoon characters, smurfs, superheroes, angels, devils, and model vehicles are just a few examples of possible sweep attendants.
  • Figural logos of car brands: At flea markets and junkyards can be purchased from the Mercedes star to the Jaguar radiator figures. Whether it should be the Benz under the broom or the Ferrari among the sweepers, decide taste and procurement happiness.

Tips & Tricks

A mixture of decoration and practical increase in value can be achieved with the installation of a small flashlight or an LED spot. So you can find the dirt even in dark corners and in the evening sweeping.

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