Bind brooms from sticks

Binding a broom is a relatively simple task. In order for the sweeping effect to be as good as possible, the correct harvesting time should be chosen for the birch or willow branches. The durability is ensured by powerfully twisted wire, which should be made of corrosion-free material if possible. A stylish stalk also consists of a branch.

Best harvest time

The perfect season to collect the material for a brush is autumn. If the birch or willow shrubs have lost their leaves, the branches are in perfect condition. Practically, they are also found by the defoliated plants and especially good.

The core length should be forty to fifty centimeters. All collected branches may have bends that do not exceed the angle of attack when using a broom. In order to ensure sufficient elasticity, it is advisable to take care when selecting the branch that there are no more than five to eight wax deposits. The strength of the individual branches can range from string to small finger thickness. Towards the top, the branches should always rejuvenate.

How to tie your brush

  • Birch or willow branches and twigs
  • Straight wooden branch (three to five centimeters in diameter)
  • Two heavy wooden boards
  • Garden or rose scissors
  • Stainless wire
  • Carving

1. drying

Lay the evenly spaced twigs and branches loosely on a board next to each other so that no more than about five copies overlap. Lay a heavy wooden board on the spread branches and twigs and let them dry for about a week.

2. bundling

In each case take about as many branches into a bundle that you can cover with your palm. Sort the branches so that they fit together in length and curvature. Summarize ten to twelve bundles.

3. Bind bundles

At the top, tie the bundles with wire at a distance of forty to fifty centimeters. To increase the pulling force when pulling the wire, you can use a lever as a turning tool.

4. Bind the broom

Group the bundles around the stem, which should end at about half the branch length. Now tie the bundles around the stem with wire.

Tips & Tricks

You can make a variety of corrections when making your own broom with a garden or rose scissors.

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