Broom hanging freely suspended or hooked

So that the bristles of a broom do not bend over time, it is recommended to hang it up. For this purpose, specially made hangers can be bought or even built yourself. The broom can be hung in both directions, with an upside down head can also correspond to a hang up.

Carrying or clamping connections

There are many different suspension systems available on the market. Besides the personal taste, the stem shape also plays a role. Basically, the suspensions differ in two mechanical principles of action. Purely clamping detents use the weight and gravity of the broom as a stabilizer. Alternatively, there are devices that allow hooking or hanging in a stalk hole or using a retaining cord.

Floating handle holders

There are some mechanical hook systems available for hanging an upstanding stem. You can also hold any other stalk tool next to a broom.

  • Folding hooks with U-shaped holding fork use the "tilting" of the broomstick with the wall
  • Ball clamps have in each holding recess a movable and spring-mounted ball or hemisphere, which "grasps" the handle when inserting
  • Clamp spring wells in which one or two-sided springs are pushed aside when inserting the stem and generate holding force by their voltage
  • "Snap closures" with movable trough legs. A band running over the trough, often made of rubber, pulls the thighs together when a stalk is pressed in


If there is a hole in the stem end, twisting the axle can be "bridged" by using a knotted tether or band. As a suspension, every wall screw and every hook on which a loop can be hung.

For hanging the broom with an upturned sweeping head, two parallel mounted fixed hooks are a simple solution. Their distance from each other must give way to the middle part of the bar with stalk approach.

A "shelf shelf" can be a wooden plate in the appropriate dimensions of the bar with a central U-shaped recess serve as a suspension. In the case of plastic constructions, the potential for material fatigue should always be considered, which may affect clamping effects, especially in damp and outdoor areas.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not want to clean your broom after each use, it is recommended to use a down-facing bristle mount.

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