Make brush for creative line art

In particular, in the hobby and arts and crafts can make the own special brush an interesting alternative. Also for painting works that children appreciate, a homemade brush can fulfill the need completely. Instead of individual bristles incision, foldable and rollable everyday utensils are connected with a handle.

Suitable for coarser line images

Children and art sometimes have their own ideas about which type of coating tool to achieve the desired visual effect. When it comes to less uniform coverage of surfaces or precise edge guides, self-made brushes can be the ideal solution. Any tool that is capable of applying color to the surface can be called a brush style.

As stalks for a home-built island many household items are particularly suitable from the kitchen area. Old wooden spoons, chopsticks, broken broomsticks and cardboard tubes of the empty kitchen roll are just like any other elongated object.

Materials for the bristle replacement

The brush can be made of different flexible and elastic materials. Common aids are sponge cloths. They can be rolled, cut or folded. If you want to increase the coverage area on the bristle tips, stuffing or feeding before rolling or folding the cloth is helpful.

If greater bristle similarity is desired, the sponge cloth can be applied to a strong cardboard cross bar. On the underside, cuts are made in the freely hanging cloth to the bar. This creates "bristles". Bristle similarity can be enhanced by stacking multiple layers of fabric with staggered cuts.

Brooms, brushes and bushes

For extraordinary brushing effects, for example with the wiping technique, all bristle tools can be alienated and rededicated. These include brushes of all kinds, hand and floor brushes, wipers, mops and tools that serve to smooth and clean surfaces. With a handle, they become brushes with unique strokes.

Elastic and unbreakable branches and twigs can be combined to form a brush head. Following the principle of binding a brush broom, the natural bristles can be put together. The brush corresponds to a kind of hand-held broom, which develops some artistic inspiration by itself by special color distribution during use.

Tips & Tricks

Attachment of the brush with the handle is best achieved with a wide universal adhesive tape.

Video Board: How To Make Sharp Lineart Brush (Adobe Photoshop CS6)