Clean brush of acrylic or latex paints

Acrylic is not only very resistant on surfaces. For cleaning a brush usually heavy guns are raised. The faster the cleaning after use, the greater the success can be without toxic aids. In the art department special brush soaps are available, which can be sufficient.

Water and special soap

Dried acrylic is just because of its enormous hardness after drying a popular coating for heavily used surfaces. Fresh and moist acrylic paint is still water-soluble. When it comes to cleaning, it's all about thoroughness to get brushes clean again with water only.

Solvent-based cleaning agents such as turpentine, turpentine substitute, spirit and mineral spirits are not only toxic, but have a detrimental effect on the brush hairs. This effect is known in art painting and therefore is either avoided or compensated by post-treatment. Special artist and brush soaps help with cleaning and maintenance.

Many rinses from several sides

Speed ​​is the most important factor in washing paints and varnishes with acrylic or latex components from paint brushes. The principle "Much helps a lot" should be used consistently here. Immediately after the end of use, the brush should be rinsed generously with lukewarm water. Even if there are no more immediate color remainders, three to five more rinses should be done.

In order for the water to "catch" all bristle hair from all sides, the direction of impact of the water should be changed. A rinse from four sides ensures good water distribution. Ten to 15 rinses promise a successful complete removal of the acrylic particles.

Final rinses and refatting

After the first eight to twelve rinses, a rinse solution can be mixed with artist or brush soap. It is used according to the manufacturer's instructions for the last third of the rinses. In addition to an additional cleansing effect, it ensures to backfill natural bristle hair.

Solvent-based cleaning agents always remove natural bristle hair from grease. Therefore, when using aids, the refatting should be carried out as a care measure using the soap. For plastic hair care should be taken to ensure the compatibility of the product. Many solvents dissolve plastics.

Tips & Tricks

When you buy a brush cleaner, make sure that you do not use acrylic paints or varnishes. Most products are adjusted to other paints and oils.

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