Clean the brushes of an oil paint

Oil paint is primarily used in art painting. Therefore, the appropriate retailers are the most effective methods and tools to clean the brush. Basically, oil is a fat, so fat-soluble home remedies are always worth a try. It is important to backfill the natural bristles in order to keep them supple.

Scraping reduces cleaning effort

For the care, the maintenance and the cleaning of a brush, with which oil paint is painted, applies generally to keep the amount of oil permanently as small as possible. This is achieved by frequent brush strokes on paper towels or a rag. Even during use, occasional stripping is helpful.

A solvent bath, in which the brush is set during breaks, is not recommended. The volatility of the solvents, such as turpentine, requires continuous refilling and produces permanent toxic fumes. If the brush has been heavily soaked in oil paint or has dried slightly, a "dash" of turpentine on the scraper can provide support.

Water in the palm of the hand

After completing the painting, two cleaners are available to clear the brush of the oil paint residues. As a home remedy are conventional detergent and neutral core soap. The so-called artist or brush soaps from the arts and crafts need are perfume-free soaps with moisturizing effect.

The most common and most practical cleaning surface has been the palm. After the brush has been brushed off as best as possible, detergent or soap is mixed with lukewarm water to form a cleaning foam on the hollow-shaped palm. The brush is "dipped" and foamed in rotating movements. After a short time, the hand and the brush are rinsed off under running, lukewarm and clear water. This process must be repeated many times until no more ink remains.

Note grease back

After using solvent-based cleaning agents such as turpentine, turpentine substitute, cleaning benzine, acetone or spirit, the brush bristles must be greased back. The detergent or soap bath in the palm also fulfills this function. Two passes are enough to give the bristles their suppleness.

Tips & Tricks

When using solvent-based cleaning agents, make sure that the brush type is compatible with this agent. With soap or detergent you are on the safe side with all bristle types.

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