Brushcutter comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the brushcutter comparison or test 2018

  • Brushcutters can be used flexibly for many tasks in the garden. This includes the grass trimming of green areas in front of the house as well as the meadow and landscape care or the cutting of grass and scrub on the roadsides.
  • Brushcutters are electric, with gasoline engine or with battery available.
  • Brushcutters are lightweight, easy-to-transport garden tools that allow you to work comfortably at any time.

Brushcutter comparison 2018: comparison

Anyone who owns a garden or takes care of landscaping is dependent on the support of a reliable brushcutter. Wild-flowered beds, densely overgrown lawns and proliferating scrub along the path do not pose a major obstacle for the brushcutter. The high-torque motors ensure that you can work safely and quickly - and there, where the lawnmower would otherwise quickly reach its limits.

If you are looking for a brushcut test on the Internet, you will quickly see that manufacturers offer suitable equipment for beginners as well as professionals. And regardless of whether you want to operate your brushcutter electric or opt for a brushcutter with gasoline or a brushcutter with battery.

Finally, the brushcutter brushcutter, such as the Stihl brushcutter, is used where it is necessary to eliminate grass and scrub along roadsides. For particularly demanding tasks, a cutting knife can also be used.

1. Brushcutters buy advice: eliminate wild growth quickly and reliably

Operate brushcutter with thread or knife

In the head of your brushcutter, you can use a thread or a knife. The thread is very effective when it comes to effortlessly cutting blades of grass. With branches and thick scrub, however, the thread can no longer be used. Here comes a knife used that can cut most materials. Remember, however, that the blades are subject to high wear. They should therefore only be used when really necessary.

Brushcutter comparison 2018: 2018

To see here: a motor end of one of the market leaders, Makita.

With a brushcutter, you have an immense power available. A 4-stroke brushcutter can quickly reach a power of over one kW.

Such devices will satisfy even the most demanding professional, but must first be operated safely. Beginners can therefore opt for slightly lower motorized variants and buy a brushcutter cheaply.

When buying the brushcutter, you have the choice between three types of drives. In addition to the electrosense brushcutters with battery and gasoline powered brushcutters are available.

Each variant has its specific advantages and disadvantages that you should know. For example, brushcutters supplied with petrol are often very powerful.

Professionals therefore rely on the brushcutters test winner with gasoline when it comes to completing demanding tasks.

Stiftung Warentest did not submit a brushcutters test, but you will learn in this guide how to find the right brushcutter in each category. The easiest way: You do the brushcutters test yourself.

2. brushcutters in comparison: models with different equipment

Pay attention to the equipment when purchasing your brush cutter or grass trimmer and grass trimmer. Especially here, the individual models of the different manufacturers differ significantly from each other.

Accessories / Equipmentdescription
  • A carrying strap makes it easier to carry the brushcutter and thus ensures greater comfort.
  • Straps are adjustable and thus adaptable to the user.
  • A strap can be removed if necessary.
Ergonomic handle
  • An ergonomic handle increases comfort.
  • Some handles can be adjusted and adapted to the needs of the user.
  • It is particularly convenient if the handle can be adjusted without tools.
Anti vibration unit
  • An anti-vibration unit decouples vibrations from the handle.
  • The anti-vibration unit protects your joints.
  • The decoupling of vibrations is a great relief especially for longer and demanding work.
Tool-free adjustment
  • Some brushcutters can be changed from trimming to edging without tools.
  • Such a feature makes it easier to work, especially when you frequently switch between cutting surfaces and edges.

2.1. Advantages and disadvantages of brushcutter at a glance

The most important thing in brief: The following table gives you a first overview of the pros and cons of a brushcutter.

  • thanks to its high performance, where lawn mowers reach their limits
  • comfortable work thanks to carrying strap
  • Battery and gasoline sensors can be used flexibly anywhere
  • high volume of petrol powered devices
  • Cordless brushcutters are less powerful than petrol cartridges
  • Electric sensors dependent on the mains

3. Purchase advice for the brushcutter: accomplish demanding tasks quickly and easily

Brushcutter comparison 2018: comparison

With strong growth, the brushcutter has the advantage.

The brushcutter is used where you can not get on with the lawnmower. For this purpose, the scythe is equipped with a thread head:

The fast-rotating brush cutter thread cuts blades of grass and other plant parts with high precision and proves to be a real all-purpose weapon in the fight against wild growth.

When buying you should pay attention to other criteria. For example, a brushcutter belt facilitates transport as well as a brushcutter on wheels.

3.1. drive

The first look should fall when buying a brushcutter on the drive. Particularly powerful devices set as well as the gasoline chainsaw on a gasoline engine. Here you can achieve the best performance and work very powerful.

A scythe with gasoline is also quite loud. Much quieter works the electrosense, which, however, relies on a power connection. A brushcutter with battery works quietly and independently of the mains, but does not reach the high performance levels of a gasoline scent or gasoline brushcutter.

3.2. capacity

The larger the displacement of the brushcutter fails, the higher the achievable power. For example, petrol cartridges have a displacement between 25 and 45 cm³. These are already high values; a strong work is possible at any time. So professionals pay attention to the largest possible displacement.

3.3. tank capacity

If you opt for a petrol engine brushcutter, you should pay attention to the size of the available tank here as well as the petrol lawnmower. The larger the tank fails, the less often you have to refuel the brushcutter. This lengthens the individual work sessions and you benefit from uninterrupted work.

A good size for the tank is already at 0.5 liters. Large tanks hold up to one liter of gasoline. Keep in mind that models with larger displacement and more power consume more fuel, as such brushcutters will also have a larger tank.

3.4. engine power

Brushcutter comparison 2018: 2018

With a lot of power the brushcutter can be used for branches and many other difficult tasks.

The power of the engine is specified by the manufacturers in either kW or PS. Good brushcutters offer a power between 0.7 and 1.25 kW or 0.95 and 1.7 hp.

If you would like to use the brushcutter regularly and also penetrate through the thickest scrub on wildly overgrown meadows, you should make no compromises in terms of engine performance. Opt for a model with the highest possible engine power.

3.5. Cutting system and cutting width

The higher the cutting width, the more grass you can capture with the cutting system in one operation and the faster you can work. The cutting width should be as high as possible.

Most brushcutters offer a cutting width between 20 and 25 cm, top products have a cutting width of up to 35 cm. If you only want to work on manageable lawns, the cutting width does not have to be that high.

Note:The cutting width should not be significantly less than 20 cm for a brushcutter. Otherwise you will not catch enough grass with the scythe and the work will take longer.

4. The most important questions about brushcutter

4.1. How do I start my brushcutter?

How to start the brushcutter exactly depends on the model and manufacturer. However, some steps are similar when starting all brushcutters. As a rule, lay the brushcutter securely on the ground and then press the throttle lock and throttle lever. Make sure the brushcutter does not touch any object at this timeso that the tool can not rotate when starting.

4.2. Which gas should I use for my brushcutter?

For the brushcutter, in principle, any gasoline can be used, as it is commercially available. In any case, pay attention to the corresponding information in the manual. Some manufacturers also offer finished fuel mixtures for their customers. These are available, for example, for your Stihl brushcutter and other brushcutters with gasoline.

4.3. Which mixture is suitable for my brushcutter?

Brushcutter comparison 2018: grass

With the brushcutter, it depends on the equipment details.

Your brushcutters with gasoline engine operate with a fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil. The manufacturers specify for each product exactly in what proportion the two components gasoline and engine oil must occur in the mixture.

Typical are mixing ratios of oil to gasoline such as 1 to 50 or 1 to 25. For example, for one part of oil and 50 parts of gasoline, fill up with 5 liters of gasoline and 0.1 liters of oil.

4.4. How much horsepower should a brushcutter have?

The more demanding the tasks you want to do with your brushcutter, the more horsepower the engine should bring. Beginner equipment offers about 0.5 hp, professional equipment has 1.5 hp and more.

If you want to clear lawns of scrubby grass and dense vegetation, the performance should be as high as possible. The more powerful the engine can work at high speed, the faster you work with the brushcutter.

4.5. What are the important manufacturers in the market for brushcutters?

High-quality brushcutters are available from brands such as

  • Stihl
  • Husqvarna
  • Einhell
  • Bosch
  • Makita
  • Black + Decker

A high quality awaits you too

  • Gardena
  • Red fox
  • Ryobi
  • Stiga
  • Wolf-Garten
  • echo

With devices from these manufacturers, you benefit from reliable gardening tools such as the brushcutter FS 55 by Stihl, which will stay with you for a long time with full functionality.

With these manufacturers, you also buy the right brushcutters accessories such as brushcutters and other power tools. The latter includes the lawn tractor as well as the scarifier and the hedge trimmer.

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