Budget budget solid plan: the monthly charges for the house

Homeowners get along without rent, but have to pay some additional costs for their own home. To better plan your monthly budget, it is important to know the exact cost in advance.

Important: Schedule additional costs for the house early!

Without thorough prior information, new homeowners may experience a nasty surprise: the monthly home expenses of the home quickly add up to relatively large amounts that diminish the household budget.

Therefore, before you buy a house, find out about all incidental expenses in order to calculate how much money is left in the month.

Taxes to the municipality

  • In the first place here are the property taxes, which are calculated according to the plot size.
  • In addition, homeowners have to pay for sewer water charges that are based on the water consumption of the previous year. They usually exceed the fresh water costs.
  • The rainwater channel fees for overbuilt and connected to the sewer network surfaces are on the bill.
  • In some municipalities additional water and soil association fees are charged.
  • The waste disposal fees are also on the city tax bill.

Additional monthly charges for homeowners

  • The energy costs, which are composed of electricity and heating energy, are the highest cost factor here. Added to this is the price for fresh water.
  • A homeowner should at least take out household and homeowners insurance. An additional protection against natural damages is recommended.
  • Maintenance costs: The regular heating maintenance and the chimney sweep visit also lead to unavoidable additional costs. A maintenance contract with a specialist company ensures the repair service on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Repair costs: Some repairs are sudden and unexpected, some defects are already apparent in advance. The actual costs are closely related to the renovation of the house: put money back every month!
  • Broadcasting contribution: Whether you own a television or not, is meanwhile irrelevant, because the monthly license fees for your house you have to pay in any case.

Additional costs: Monthly costs for a single-family home

Four people live in a single-family home. The building has 100 square meters of living space and is located in a small town with moderate municipal fees.

Cost overviewprice
1. Charges to the municipality per month55 EUR
2. Energy and water, tee220 EUR
2. monthly insurance premiums30 EUR
3. Savings rate for maintenance and repairs150 EUR
4. Broadcasting fees (rounding amount)18 EUR
total473 EUR

Save additional costs: water garden with well water

Although the water prices are not very high, the drainage fees are all the stronger. Who wants to save in this area, is well advised to use its own well for garden irrigation.

Tips & Tricks

The fees for homeowners vary in the individual municipalities of different levels and are changed regularly. Therefore, it is recommended to ask the city council for the current prices.

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