Budget dissolution, clearing out, apartment resolution - Entrümpelungsfirma or own contribution?

Budget dissolution, clearing out, apartment resolution - Entrümpelungsfirma or own contribution?: resolution

Moving or collapsing, a death in the family, liquidation, the cellar or garden, the messiah of Messiah... There are many different motives that all have one thing in common: The apartment, the house or the company must be cleared out.

What costs do you have to expect for clearing out by a specialist company?
  • Declease 50 m² apartment:
    • 1200 € - 3000 €
  • Clearing 150 m² house:
    • 2800 € - 5000 €
  • 20 m² basement clearing out:
    • 2500 € - 1000 €

This raises the question: What costs clearing out and can I do it myself? In addition to their own physical abilities, there may be other reasons that make a clearing or budget resolution impossible on their own and require the use of a Entrümpelungsfirma. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to help shape the costs yourself.

We explain what you need to consider when budgeting, how it works and what you can do to cut costs. Or would you have thought that even giving away furniture gives you financial benefits? Finally, bulky waste can not be disposed of free of charge.

What are the reasons for a budget dissolution?

What leads to clearing out or housing and household dissolution, may have different motivations, which are not always pleasing. So you can look forward to the removal of furniture when a newly in love couple, could in a separation but before the question of who keeps the jointly purchased furniture. Not infrequently, both separation partners prefer a newly furnished apartment, which does not recall the time together. All that remains is a sale or disposal of the inventory.

Reasons for a budget dissolution or clearing out:

  • Pull two partners together, so far only two apartments will be needed.
  • Even a separation can lead to no one wants to keep the memorabilia from the shared apartment.
  • Is thisnew house often new furniture is bought and the previous apartment has to be vacated.
  • At aEmigration or a long procession In another city, the furniture transport can be so expensive that a disposal and new purchase proves to be more useful.
  • In the training, the first apartment was equipped with used individual pieces and with the first "right" wage one beginsredesign.
  • Lies adeath Before, it is often difficult for the relatives to take care of the left behind furniture.
  • Some landlords know the problem ofRental nomads and Messis, Often only a clearing service helps here.
  • atevictions The landlord rarely has the time to take care of the housing resolution and gives the apartment resolution in professional hands.
  • The new house was a bargain - theAfter-effects in the bought house and garden There is often free.

Housing resolution, budget resolution, clearing out... What is the difference?

As different as the reasons for budget dissolution may be, they all involve the same thing. Whether it is a housing, household or business resolution refers only to the premises, the process of dissolution remains similar. In all cases, the premises are cleared of all furniture and disposed of the waste is disposed of.

Budget dissolution, clearing out, apartment resolution - Entrümpelungsfirma or own contribution?: resolution

Household liquidation involves selling well-preserved furniture and clearing out the rubbish.

However, there is a difference in terminologyResolution and clearing, Although these are often called in the same breath and declutter companies offer their services as household dissolution, they are not necessarily the same.

AHousholds includes, as the name implies, that the household will be dissolved. Whether this is well-preserved and possibly valuable furniture that can bring about a budget liquidation sale still good money or pure garbage, it does not show. The resolution is therefore to be regarded as a generic term and may refer to the sale of the inventory or clearing out. Often both steps take place one after the other.

The clearing out may also be a household resolution, but refers more to the disposal of the inventory contained. Likewise, clearing out does not necessarily have to be a budget liquidation. Likewise, a garden can be cleared out or the cellar cleared out. In this case, it refers to "mucking out", disposing of all the debris and paying little attention to usable items.

What does a budget resolution cost?

All in all, prices can not be set for clearing out an apartment, cellar or garden, as each object must be viewed individually. The rooms vary in size, contain different amounts of rubbish and are more or less easy to reach. Therefore, it is important to compare offers and quote a fixed price. A fixed price differs from an offer in that the final price of an offer can be quite 25% higher. The reasons of the companies can be very creative. A fixed price, however, is a fixed price and will remain as long as you have provided correct information or the clearing company has determined the after a survey.

Budget dissolution, clearing out, apartment resolution - Entrümpelungsfirma or own contribution?: budget

Use a cost calculator for a budget resolution.

Even if each clearing is to be considered individually, you should expect the following costs:

  • Declare 50 m² apartment: 1200 € - 3000 €
  • Clearing 150 m² house: 2800 € - 5000 €
  • Declare 20 m² cellar: 250 € to 1000 €

More exact prices can be calculated only with inspection or a cost calculator. Thus, for example, an online booking of a clearing with Entsorgo in combination with a cost calculator is possible.

Provide all the data as accurately as possible and, if possible, include pictures of each individual room, the cellar or the garden. This is the only way to accurately calculate the costs of clearing out and avoid unexpected additional costs.

Can I carry out a budget resolution myself?

Of course, everyone can even take care of a budget resolution or clearing out. However, "ability" is not always "able". If a household needs to be dissolved because a beloved family member has died, the skills can be very difficult and it is easier to hire a Entrümpelungsdienst.

The same applies to landlords who have to eliminate the legacy of Messis or Mietnomaden. Here, the disgust factor can lead to the task being overwhelmed. Added to this is the possibility of hazardous and toxic substances that require proper disposal via the pollutant mobile or suitable collection points. The team of a Entrümpelungsfirma is trained and knows how to solve such extreme tasks.

Budget dissolution, clearing out, apartment resolution - Entrümpelungsfirma or own contribution?: resolution

Sell ​​or give away as much unused household items as possible. This puts money in the cash register and what is not there does not have to be disposed of afterwards.

Unless you are emotionally burdened with the household dissolution and can not be expected with hazardous substances, the clearing in own contribution can of course provide financial benefits. Any work done by yourself does not have to be remunerated. It is even advisable to always carry out the first steps of the resolution itself in order to put useful or salable objects to good use. This can be done through classifieds or a budget resolution with flea market. The second advantage is that visitors can decide for themselves whether they consider furniture or objects useful and willing to pay for it.

Important in a budget resolution flea market is an extensive notice and application on all sorts of social channels, like Facebook or Ebay Classifieds. The more prospects appear on the specified date, the higher the chance that far more than hoped for will be sold. In addition, objects can arouse the interest of several persons, which can be felt in the sale price.

If all usable objects are given away or sold, the clearing begins, which is usually very complex, but can also be carried out by yourself. First and foremost, it must be estimated how much waste has to be disposed of. Depending on requirements, different containers must be ordered and the space required secured. Not all garbage, such as electrical appliances, paints, lacquers, tires or batteries, may be disposed of in a bulky waste container and must be disposed of separately. Also think about road safety. If the footpath or the road is blocked, appropriate applications must be submitted to the municipality or city administration, for which costs are incurred.

The rest of the work is usually only physically exhausting - depending on how far or near the container can be set up. With the final cleaning and a call that the container can be picked up, the household closure is complete.

Budget dissolution, clearing out, apartment resolution - Entrümpelungsfirma or own contribution?: budget

Before ordering the container, make sure that any blockages or safeguards are necessary.

Procedure of a self-implemented budget resolution:

  1. Securing personal items and important documents.
  2. Estimate the household and determine which things can be sold. If there are only a few, they should be offered directly or brought to a second-hand dealer. For an extensive resolution a visit with sale is advisable.
  3. Set a date for the budget resolution with flea market and promote as far as possible.
  4. Once the sale is completed, clearing begins with an assessment of the clearing effort and deciding whether to clear it out or put it into professional hands.
  5. In the case of own clearing out, containers must be organized and a parking permit must be requested. If necessary, corresponding blockages and safeguards are necessary. Pay attention to the requirements of your community.
  6. With the collection of the container and cleaning of the apartment, the budget resolution and clearing is completed.

Cost example for a clearing out in own initiative

Household dissolution in a well-maintained, but neat 50 m² apartment with many furniture and household items carry out yourself:

  • 600 € - 800 € for 15 - 20 cubic meters of bulky waste containers
  • 120 € for parking authorization and eventual shut-off
  • 50 € for food for the helpers without payment

Depending on the region and accumulating bulky waste, you will be at a cost between770 € and 970 € plus an estimated working time of8 to 15 hours.

A comparable clearing over oneprofessional clearing company would be regionally divergent about1500 € costs.

How does a clearing service carry out a budget liquidation?

The process of a household dissolution by a Entrümpelungsfirma differs from the process hardly from the self-implemented budget resolution. However, it offers advantages that are reflected above all in terms of work and time.

Budget dissolution, clearing out, apartment resolution - Entrümpelungsfirma or own contribution?: clearing

A clearing-out company is quicker and takes you out of administrative ways, as well as physical labor.

While you are still researching the prices for bulky waste containers and looking for the right contact person for the container parking permit, the Entrümpelungsfirma long ago a cooperating disposal company by hand or a separate container service and the parking permit requested. The Entrümpelungsfirma has these operations several times behind, knows the workflow and thus works much more effective than you.

However, handing over a complete apartment to the hands of a clearing company can also be detrimental to you. Not every company cares about the sale of still usable furniture, furnishings or technical equipment. Here you should compare exactly the performance of different companies and clarify in advance whether usable items are sold, donated or simply disposed of. Sometimes it is financially advisable to personally take care of the sale or the transfer of the inventory. Even if you give away a lot, you reduce the costs of clearing out, since these things do not result in container costs.

Procedure of a budget resolution via a decluttering company:

  1. Compare services and prices of various clearing companies.
  2. Make an appointment with the Entrümpelungsfirma in the apartment to be cleaned, the garden or the basement.
  3. Define the work to be done, clarify the whereabouts of usable items and agree a fixed price.
  4. With a final acceptance, the budget resolution and clearing is completed for you.

Tips and tricks for budget resolution

Disposal Internet UG

Budget dissolution, clearing out, apartment resolution - Entrümpelungsfirma or own contribution?: resolution

The information page was created in cooperation with pictures of the Entsorgo Internet UG.

Entsorgo.de is your nationally operating online disposal company and takes care of your bulk waste disposal, clearing out, housing or operating resolution. With a transparent cost calculator, any clearing can be calculated and booked online. Sit back and let your garbage go to the pros.

We thank for the support and provided pictures.

A household resolution is usually associated with a move, so more points than the sole clearing are important. In order not to forget anything, you should create a checklist in which you note down all important information and tick off after completion. Here are some examples that might be relevant to your budget resolution in connection with a move:

  1. Cancel or re-register supplies such as gas, water, electricity, cable and telephone connections on time. Attention: Electricity and water could be needed during the final cleaning.
  2. The GEZ works sometimes very complicated. Take care in time for the re-registration.
  3. Find out where and how to re-register. Important is also the change in the identity card.
  4. Current subscriptions, such as newspapers or catalogs must be informed.
  5. Do you have loans or other obligations? They too insist on information during a move.
  6. Provide the address change to all authorities and agencies so that important letters are not lost.
  7. Over a period of time, a forwarding order will help you with the post office. This should be submitted no later than five days, but preferably two to three weeks before the move.
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