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Your own four walls - many people dream of it. And of course it is most beautiful when the dream house was built by the construction company according to their own wishes and ideas.

Infinite variations in house construction

There is no question that homeownership is more profitable in the long term than rent. Since mortgage lending offers extremely favorable conditions, the dream of owning a home for many people is within reach. If you take a closer look at the topic, you will soon realize that there are innumerable variants in building a house. Since the prefabricated house is offered, with virtually all stages of development between "shell" and "turnkey". In addition, the offer of the massive house, which offers endless design possibilities and can also be had as a development house, beckons. The ecologically valuable passive house scores with sustainability, the rustic wooden log house with its unmistakable charm - the future home builder has a hard choice to make.

The individually planned massive house

Anyone who decides on a massive house, for example, can find comprehensive information at House building can be divided into several phases: first the pre-planning phase, the planning phase, the actual construction phase. In the pre-planning phase mainly the future homeowners are required. They need to be clear about what kind of house they want to have, have a rough idea of ​​the financial framework and choose a competent partner to help them realize their construction project. In the second phase it becomes concrete.

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In a first meeting with the construction company, the ideas and wishes are recorded, the planners of the construction company submit offers and propose solutions. The model houses of the construction company serve as inspiration, but the floor plans are variable and can be changed and adapted according to personal taste and local conditions. Finally, the builders hold the finished construction documents in their hands. On the basis of these specific documents, a financing plan will now be prepared by the bank. Finally, the building permit must be obtained. But all these tasks are usually taken over by the team of the construction company.

Save money by own contribution

From the house to the turnkey delivery of the house, all sorts of variations are conceivable. The more work is done as own work, the cheaper is ultimately the price of the home. But one should not lose sight of the financial framework, because this is usually calculated on a fixed collection date. Therefore, this collection date should not be significantly postponed, because, for example, the work to be done in-house does not progress so quickly. If the delay is to be answered by the construction company, the situation looks different and you may have recourse claims.

For this reason, one's own skills and knowledge should be realistically assessed. You may only include work that you can actually do within the time frame you have set. Where, for example, the expansion of the attic on the priority list can be moved relatively far to the rear.

Installation work on gas or electric lines should better be left to a specialist company by experienced DIYers and do-it-yourselfers; the risk of a fatal error is simply too great.

Among the popular in-house services include insulation, the laying of floor coverings or tiles and the painting and decorating work. Even with these works, which are relatively easy to provide as own work, can be a nice penny saved in house building.

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